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January 31, 2003

Naomi Klein
Out of the Ordinary

Michael T. Klare
Bush's 3 Bogus Reasons For War on Iraq

Thom Hartmann
If you Want Win an Election, Just Control The Voting Machines

Marty Jezer
The Many Wars of George W. Bush

Mickey Z.
Random Thoughts on Chinese New Year

Norman Solomon
Waiting for the Missiles in Baghdad

January 30, 2003

Josh Frank
Who Would Jesus Bomb?

Naomi Klein
The Hijacking of the WSF

Ralph Nader

Join the Fight For Title IX

January 28-29, 2003

Alexander Cockburn
Yes, That Really Was the President of the United States

Tanya Reinhart
Academic Boycott of Israeli Universities: In Support of Paris VI

John Pilger
Blood on His Hands: Tony Blair is a Coward

Agustín Velloso Santisteban
All You Wanted to Know About Iraq But Your Government Didn't Tell You

Mickey Z.
Bush, Brain Damage, and the State of the Union

George Monbiot
Stronger Than Ever: Far From Fizzling Out, The Global Justice Movement is Growing in Numbers and Maturity

Matthew Riemer
Kurds Play Precarious Role in Northern Iraq

Mark Weisbrot
Another World is Possible -- And Necessary

Seth Sandronsky
From the Superbowl to the State of the Union

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Stealing Money From Kids

January 27, 2003

Paul Street
Big Brother Bush, "Suicidal Saddam", and the Homegrown Threat to Liberal Democracy

Robert Fisk
Wartime Deceptions: Saddam is Hitler and It's Not About Oil

Erich Marquardt and Matthew Riemer

Invasion of Iraq May Collapse Global Economy

Lawrence McGuire
Is Iraq a Threat to the United States?

Robert Fisk

Does Tony Have Any Idea What the Flies Are Like That Feed Off the Dead?

January 25, 2003

Mickey Z.
IBM's Gambit Declined

Heather Wokusch
Destroying the Village to Save Arms Manufacturers

Ralph Nader
Protecting Public Education from Tax Giveaways to Corporations

Robert Jensen
From the Streets to the Studios

James Brooks
We the People: Deluded, Armed and Dangerous in the Middle East

Doug Fuda

Stop the Endless War: Boycott the Volunteer Army

Matthew Riemer

The New York Times' Dynamic Duo

January 23, 2003

Mickey Z.
They Paved Paradise

Seth Sandronsky

The Young and the Peaceful

January 21-22, 2003

Norman Solomon
Memo: When War is a Rush

Anis Shivani
Is it Time To Move to Canada?: The Degeneration of Liberals

Susan Abulhawa
"Sanctity of Life Day!"

Robert Jensen
The "Transfer" of Palestinians From Their Lands is a Step Towards Genocide

Robert Fisk

War Journalists Should: Not Be Cozing Up to the Military

John Chuckman
National Sanctity of Life Day

January 20, 2003

William Rivers Pitt
There's Something Happening Here

Paul Dean
Open Letter: Don't Tolerate Media Disinformation About the Anti-War Movement

Mark Weisbrot
Bush's Tax Cut: Another Dividend For The Rich

Lynn Landes
Suspicion Surrounds Voter News Service

N.D. Jayaprakash
Dangerous Portents: India's Nuclear War Plans

Alexander Cockburn
North Korea Paranoid?/Cops/AntiWar Movement/Pheasants

January 19, 2003

Carol Norris
No Evidence is Evidence: Rumsfeld's Paradigm Shift

Erich Marquardt and Matthew Riemer
Who's To Blame in Venezuela

January 17-18, 2003

William Rivers Pitt
Pitt vs. CNN: On Iraqi Warheads Found

Bob Rigg
International Law or US Hegemony: From Chemical Weapons to Iraq

Holly Sklar
Racial Gaps Still Wide This King Holiday

Robert Fisk
This Looming War Isn't About Chemical Weapons or Human Rights: It's About Oil

Mickey Z.

Malpractice Makes Perfect

Edward Said
Unacceptable Helplessness

John Chuckman
One Way Trip To Nowhere

John Pilger
George Bush's Other Poodle

Ralph Nader
"The Pentagon Connection"

Seth Sandronsky

Excess Capacity Harming US Workers

January 16, 2003

Norman Solomon
Mixed Messages Call For Healthy Skepticism

Robert Fisk

New Crisis, Old Lessons (Revisiting the Suez War)

Naomi Klein
The Rise of the Fortress Continent

Frida Berrigan

MLK's Legacy Continues: Hope and Action in the Midst of War

Alexander Cockburn
The Right Not To Be in Pain: The Feds vs. Ed Rosenthal

Keiler Hook
Let Us Bring Martin Luther King's Peace to the January Peace March

Yigal Bronner
Conscientious Objectors Abused by the Israeli Military!

January 15, 2003

Marc W. Herold
The Problem With the Predator

Erich Marquardt and Matthew Riemer
North Korea's Gamble With the US Pays Off

Dave Edwards
The Bitter Ironies of Propaganda

Rachael Kamel
Jews, Israel and the United States: Talking Points For Jewish Anti-War Activists

Daniel Bacher
Cold, Dead Fish and Shiny Steelhead Awards for 2002

Al Giordana

NY Times Reporter Quits Over Conflict of Interest: Venezuela Misdeeds Adding Up on 43rd St.

January 13, 2003

Mickey Z.
(Death Penalty) Thoughts Inspired by Gov. Ryan

Harry Kelber
Will Bush's Huge Tax Cuts For Investors Create Jobs For Unemployed Americans

Ran HaCohen
Ethnic Cleansing: Some Common Reactions

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
Corporate Black Caucus?

January 12, 2003

Heather Wokusch
Reign of Terror Redux: From Bush to Bonaparte

Ben Tripp

Meet the New Threatened Class: Wine Cellars But No Summer Homes

January 11, 2003

Peter Kurth
Party Rules

Gabriel Ash
Don't Get Mad, Get Going!

Josh Frank
CEO Bush and the Muddling of American Minds

January 10, 2003

Mickey Z.
The A Word

Carol Norris
An Open Letter To George W. Bush

January 9, 2003

Alexander Cockburn
"No to War!" Is Anyone Listening?

Norman Solomon
Not All White House Reporters Are Pushovers

Dennis Hans
Defensive Donuahue Needs to Go on the Offensive Or Get Off the Air

Raff Ellis
Who is a Terrorist?


January 7-8, 2003

George Monbiot
The Time For Talking Is Over

Jerry Levin
Supposing Everything West of the Mississippi Was Palestine

Jeffrey St. Clair
The Godmother of Boeing Makes a Soft Landing

Matthew Riemer
Uzbekistan Alliance Highlights US Human Rights Hypocrisy

Laura King-Irani
It's Up to Us Not to Heed the Call-Up

Sunil K. Sharma
So Long Joe


January 6, 2003

Mickey Z
Without A Clousseau

Daniel Bacher

Let's Form A Chickenhawk's Brigade

Ralph Nader
The Malpractice Crisis

January 4-5, 2003

Carol Norris
The Tournament of Roses Parade You Didn't See

Francis Boyle
Bio-Warfare and Terrorism

Jeffrey St. Clair
Something About Butte

Robert Fisk
The Double Standards, Dubious Morality and Duplicity in this Fight Against Terror

Mark Weisbrot

Court Steps in Where Political Corruption Blocks Reform

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Bad Apples in A Rotten System: The 10 Worst Corporations of 2002

Norman Solomon
Announcing the P.U.litzers for 2002

Rahul Mahajan
Fighting for our Minds

Marwan Bishara

My Brother's Fight for Democracy

Thom Hartmann
Now Corporations Claim the "Right to Lie"

Wole Akande
Unhealthy Patents

Doreen Miller
What Shall Be Our Legacy?

Robert Jensen
We Won't Be Fighting For Freedom in Iraq

Shraga Elam
Extending the American Empire is the Goal Behind the War on Iraq


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