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Feb. 28, 2003

James Brooks


Alexander Cockburn
Hacks and Heroes

Doreen Miller
Criminalizing an Act of Love

John Pilger
Blair Hypocrisy

Ash Pulcifer
The Dangers Caused by a Policy of Preemption

Robert Fisk

America Uses Israel's Words to Justify Occupation

February 27, 2003

Mary La Rosa
Tell Them Never Be Silent

Milan Rai
A Last Push For War: US/UK Struggle for War Not Inspections

Naomi Klein
1,000 Voila Moments to Stop the War

William Rivers Pitt
Blood Money

Jeremy Scahill
The Ghosts of Safwan: A Report from the Iraq-Kuwaiti Border

Josh Frank

Thinking Americans Say NO to War

February 26, 2003

Norman Solomon
Followup Needed After Newsweek Story on Iraqi Arms

Carol Norris
George's War on Himself -- and the World, His Battlefield

Jeremy Scahill
Basra Report: "No Choice is Left For Us Except Facing War

Alexander Cockburn
From Nightclubs to Baghdad

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
Too Much

Annie Campbell Higgins

Election Holiday in Jenin

February 25, 2003

Mickey Z.
The Anti-War Talk I Never Made

Thom Hartmann
Health Care Reveals Real "Conservative" Agenda: Drown Democracy in a Bathtub

Milan Rai

Iraq Countdown: Lunatic Timetable

Geov Parrish
Shock and Yawn

George Monbiot
Out of the Wreckage

Robert Fisk
Censored: CNN's New System of Script Approval Suggests Pentagon Has Nothing to Worry About

Seth Sandronsky
Heroically, George Will Slams Europe's Anti-Americanism

February 24, 2003

Milan Rai
Iraq: Uphill Struggle

William Rivers Pitt
Of Gods, Mortals and Empire

Jim Lobe

19th Century Imperial Spirit Inspires Hawks on Iraq

Frida Berrigan
Terror and Torture in the Philippines

February 23, 2003

Ron Reed
Trading With the Enemy: How Rumsfeld Helped Kim Jong Il Get His Nukes - For a Fee

Jim Lobe
US Troops Take 19th-Century "Monroe Doctrine' Global

Alexander Cockburn
Problem with E-Bombs and the Predator/Tongass Pillage/ Hitchens as Ganesh?

Firas Al-Atraqchi

Democracy for the Middle East? Bah, Humbug!

William O. Beeman
Regime Change, Literally: Jordan's King May Rule Post-War Iraq

Michael T. Klare

Pentagon Planning, Not Diplomacy, Sets US Agenda on Iraq

B.J. Sabri
War on Iraq and the Pregnant Chads Factor

Ian Williams
John Bolton in Jerusalem: The New Age of Disarmament Wars

Kim Petersen
Keeping the Elephant Fed and Happy

Elizabeth T. Sherman
The Family-Unfriendly Administration: Bush Targets a Paid Family Leave Policy

Karen Charman
Is Our Food Safe: Genetically Modified Foods Are Here to Stay

Leah C. Wells
City Councils Should Take Stand on Peace

February 21-22, 2003

Jessica Azulay and Brian Dominick
Mobilize for the Next Phase: The AntiWar Movement Shifts Gears

Paul Dean

The Infallible Opinion Poll: Sample of One, 0% Margin of Error

Tariq Ali
A Second Resolution on Iraq is Not Enough

Jeffrey St. Clair
In a Land Where Justice is a Game: Killing Amos King

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman
12 Reasons to Oppose War on Iraq

Game Over: Bush and Powell Try to Shut Down the Inspectors

Josh Frank
Greens for Kucinich

Ralph Nader
Addiction, Substance Abuse and the Gender Gap

Seth Sandronsky
Because Anti-War Protests Matter

Hans Bennett
(Photo Essay) Chant Down Babylon: Radical Artists Challenge Bush's War on the World

Robert Gaiek
Nukes, Turtles and Peacocks

February 20, 2003

Norman Solomon
"Globalization" and Its Malcontents

Alexander Cockburn
MessyValentines / Rummy and Frank on the Intrepid/more

David Edwards
Blair's Betrayal Part 3: The Moral Case For War

Jeremy Scahill
UN Plans For Post Saddam Iraq

Josh Frank
The White House's Selective Perceptions and Narcissistic Tendencies

Kim Petersen
Anti-War Demonstrations in China: Apathy in Asia

Ran HaCohen
Hebron: City of Terror

Robert Gaiek
Make a Bold Move and Impeach Someone

Laura Flanders
It's Not Just Judges That Count

Ra Ravishankar
Racial Stereotypes Dehumanize!

Erich Marquardt
Franco-German Resistance Toward US Power Politics

February 18, 2003

Edward S. Herman
War-Makers, Bribees, and Poodles vs. Democracy

Edward S. Herman
Using the "UN Process" to Help Organize a Massacre

Hans Von Sponeck and Jan Oberg
A Road to Peace with Iraq: Europe's Choice

Imad Khadduri
The Demise of the Nuclear Bomb Hoax

Naomi Klein
Venezuela's Media Coup

George Monbiot
Too Much of A Good Thing

Mark Weisbrot
Bush Unites the World

Robert Fisk
A Million March in London But, Faced with Destruction, the Arabs Are Like Mice

February 17, 2003

Johan Galtung
USA-Iraq: There are Alternatives and Resistance is Possible!

Jan Oberg
Will Bush Prevail, or Listen and Think?

Dan Bacher
At the State Capitol in CA: The New Face of the Peace Movement

Jerre Skog

Let the War on Iraq Begin! On ONE Condition!

Robert Jensen and Rahul Mahajan
Put the Public Back in Public Policy

Mickey Z.

February 15-16, 2003

Ron Reed
Time to Reconvene the Nuremburg Tribunal

Robert Fisk
A Nation Divided: Vast Gulf Between US Pro- and Anti-War Movements

Mina Hamilton

Homeland Insecurity

Robert Fisk
The Case Against War: This Conflict is Driven by the Self-Interest of America

Alexander Cockburn
Condition Orange as a Way of Life/Powell's Great "Intelligence Fraud"/and More

Kim Petersen
Why Israel is So Relevant Vis--Vis Iraq: The Politics of Hypocrisy

Ralph Nader
What is the Oil Industry's Role in Bush's Push to War?

February 13-14, 2003

Tim Wise
States are People Too? Self-Determination and Israel's "Right to Exist"

Josh Frank

"Call To Washington": Stonewall Bush

Milan Rai
Even with a New Resolution, This War is Wrong

Norman Solomon
Playing the "Terrorism" Card

Firas Al-Atraqchi
What's Next? War Against France, North Korea?

Edward Said
A Monument to Hypocrisy

Josh Frank
The Calamity of the Converted

Neve Gordon
Arabs and Jews in the Middle East Unite Against War

Tom Gorman
Goebbels Would Be Proud: Bill O'Reilly's Fascism

David Edwards
Blair's Betrayal Part 1: Dismantling the Case For War

David Edwards
Blair's Betrayal Part 2

Alexandros Pagidas
The Blair Witch Project

February 12, 2003

Geov Parrish
The Police State Enhancement Act of 2003

Alexander Cockburn
"The Largest Outcry in History"/Should Michael Lerner Speak and More

Mickey Z.
Missile Envy

James Brooks
Send Hans Blix to Nes Ziona: Palestinian Civilians Attacked with Poison Gas

Keiler Hook
Baghdad and Guernica: Blanket Bombing Civilians

Firas Al-Atraqchi
Misleading the Public: Osama Wants Saddam Dead

Mark Weisbrot
War Games: "Old Europe" Confronts Washington on Iraq

February 10-11, 2003

Richard Du Boff
The Bush Budget: Deficits Aren't the Real Problem

Michael Parenti
To Kill Iraq: The Reasons Why

Robin Miller
Claims of Saddam's Genocide Far From Proven

Fernando A. Torres
Why Poets Should Oppose the Bombing of Iraq

Firas Al-Atraqchi
YellowTimes.org Shut Down! Stifling the Voice of Reason

Frida Berrigan and William Hartung

Dazzled by the Pinstripes: Powell at the United Nations

February 9, 2003

Edward Hammond
US Plans to Use Biochemical Weapons on Iraq

Daniel Bacher
State Capital To Join Cities Passing Anti-War Resolutions?

Heather Wokusch

Bringing the Battle Back Home: Linking War and Domestic Violence

Russell Mokhiber and Robert Weissman

Corporations, War, You

James Brooks
Saddam is Monica: The Scandal the Scuttled Colin Powell's Case

William Rivers Pitt
Blair-Powell UN Report Written by Student

DV News Service
Exposed: DOJ Secret Draft Bill To Extend Powers of USA Patriot Act

February 7, 2003

Mickey Z.
From Dresden to Baghdad: 58 Years of "Shock and Awe"

Firas Al-Atraqchi
Irrefutable Evidence Against Iraq? The Telling of a Tall Tale

Imad Khadduri

(Former Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission Physicist)
The Nuclear Bomb Hoax

Jerre Skog
Powell's (and Bush's) Believe it or Nuts!

B.J. Sabri
Nuclear Blues and the Iraq Question

Gabriel Ash
A Victory for Israeli Democracy

February 5-6, 2003

Rahul Mahajan
Responding to Colin Powell

Norman Solomon
Colin Powell is Flawless -- Inside a Media Bubble

Phyllis Bennis
Powell's Case Flawed

William Rivers Pitt
Cross-Examining Colin

Robert Fisk
Powell at the UN: Like Something Out of Beckett

Paul Street
Citizens or Spectators? Democracy vs. Empire on the Eve of the "Inevitable War"

Ian Williams
Powell at the UN: Another Step Forward on the Road to Baghdad

Robert Jensen
Smoking Guns and Big Guns: The US Drive to War

Ramzy Baroud
War on Iraq Double Disaster for Palestinians

Karen Talbot
War for World Dominance

Robert Fisk
Don't Mention the War in Afghanistan

Matthew Riemer
The Philippines: South East Asian Keystone

February 3-4, 2003

Noam Chomsky
Confronting the Empire

Paul Dean

Evidence, Absence of Evidence, and Evidence of the Absence of Sense

George Monbiot
War of Terror: The Men Who Claim to be Fighting Evil on Behalf of Good are Funding One of the Worlds Dirtiest Wars in Colombia

Seth Sandronsky
In US, Economic Stimulation or Liquidation?

Angana Chatterji
This is No Time For War

Robert Jensen
The Message from Porto Alegre to the United States: Restrain the Empire

Neve Gordon and Catherine Rottenberg
Sharon and Settlers  Destroy the Infrastructure of Palestinian Existence

Mickey Z.
Taking Up Space

February 2, 2003

Arundhati Roy
How to Confront Empire

Milan Rai
Oil and War

Milan Rai

If They Find Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq

Alexander Cockburn
US Judge Railroads Medical Marijuana Activist Ed Rosenthal/The Sex Police at Work

Ullas Sharma
Almighty America

Jeffrey St. Clair
Star Whores: Astronomers vs. Apaches on Mount Graham


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