I am not a war correspondent either

(I am not a journalist, Part 3)

Easter Marches: No social distancing for peace

Today someone sent me an article published in the US Naval Institute Proceedings in which the author describes the war against China waged by the US and suggests that like in the 1812 war against Great Britain, the US regime should issue letters of marque to its numerically larger merchant fleet empowering them to wage war against Chinese merchant shipping. His argument was that the US could not build warships fast enough to attack China’s maritime defence perimeter — aka its territorial waters which the US Navy has regularly violated for years.

I mention this because it underlines what I have been writing here since 2015 — it may as well be 1915 — that the Anglo-American Empire is at war with China (and Russia) under the same ideological and strategic premises that prevailed since the English crown empowered Francis Drake to attack foreign shipping with privately owned vessels — then mainly those of Spain. ((“What New World Order“, Dissident Voice, 18 September 2015; and “Looking for the Thought Police“, Dissident Voice, 26 August 2017.))  It is the same doctrine that Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan articulated in his long series at the end of the 19th century on The Influence of Sea Power in History. ((Alfred T Mahan, Sea Power and its Relations to the War of 1812, 1905.)) Ultimately it confirms what I have been saying for years now: that the rulers of the empire in NATO incarnate follow the same world view of the late 18th century that ultimately brought us the two world wars — one to neutralise Germany and another to destroy the Soviet Union in the 20th century.

The same thinking leads today to the same homicidal policies. People learn from history. The question is which people learn what from which history?

We are at war. That is why everyone should stay at home and wear a mask in public. The mask keeps anyone from saying what we all know with even the slightest degree of honesty or sincerity. We cannot tell our children that we are under arrest so that the warlords of the European peninsula and their bigger cousins in North America can seize what they need to reduce the economy to a level that will support them when they inevitably lose this war.

They will lose it for the same reason Mao predicted when he said that after atomic exchange (planned since the 50s by the US against the Soviet Union — do not believe me look at the Sandia history ((An Oral History of US Strategic Nuclear Policy)) every fifth survivor would be Chinese!

In the Middle Ages the ruling class in Europe was happy to consume goods both ordinary and luxurious from Asia — while the majority lived in squalor. I have no doubt that the likes of Mr Gates et al. can also imagine such conditions prevailing again.

We are at war. ((The pretext for the First Opium War (The Arrow War) was the destruction of British East India Company opium stocks by Chinese officials. Opium had been prohibited in China. The British attacked China and compelled it to pay compensation for the destroyed opium and comply with other treaty demands that initiated British control over Hong Kong and extensive power over China. The same “indignation” can be heard in Anglo-American calls for damages against China — for allegedly promoting the spread of the so-called corona virus.)) It is a war waged against China and Russia and anyone who does proper business with them. It is a war against us too. We cannot be used to fight — but we can get in the way.

In Germany this week, a lawyer — not a profession known for its boldness — filed a constitutional challenge to the nationwide house arrest and demonstration bar. ((“Criticism of corona measures: State police block homepage of “Coronoia lawyer”.)) She also pointed out in her complaint to the German Constitutional Court that the Basic Law guarantees the right to resistance against unjust action by the State. This was a provision included in the Basic Law to permit people to claim a right to oppose a dictatorship or other fascist measures. Her website was closed because she was accused of calling people to violate the law. What she, in fact, said was that citizens should go to the responsible offices and apply for license to demonstrate — insisting that they had a right to do so.

The fact that her website was closed by police order should give all those naive persons who insist on the “freedom” of their Internet and social media at least a moment’s pause. Their virtual world can be manipulated or ended at will by those who have the will and the power.

We are at war. We are asked to cower from our humanity and our contact to others — to join in being anti-social. In the first year of the Great War — the story has been told repeatedly — the ordinary soldiers had to be ordered to stop celebrating Christmas with the “enemy”. The high command was worried that this would undermine battle morale — the will to kill strangers.

Today is Good Friday. According to the mythology of Christendom, the exemplary pacifist was tortured to death on the cross by order of authorities who on behalf of the Empire were only trying to keep the peace. As consolation the disappeared body was alleged to have “ascended into heaven”. This fundamental terrorist myth of Christendom was turned into a family festivity and despite the violence of the Church and the ruling elite is generally seen as a celebration of peace — or at least the desire for it.

As a gesture of how much peace actually means to those who rule over Christendom, the Easter festivities have been forbidden. Our rulers do not want anyone to peak over the trenches in which we are to be slaughtered (mentally if not physically) and removing our masks, see who is actually waging war against whom.

As I said I am neither a journalist nor a war correspondent. I am writing this as a letter to promote peace. That peace can only come when we refuse to stay in the trenches to which we have been consigned and to kill anyone like us anywhere on this planet. We have to remove the masks to see how we are all alike — at least those who are in trenches…

Dr T.P. Wilkinson writes, teaches History and English, directs theatre and coaches cricket between the cradles of Heine and Saramago. He is also the author of Church Clothes, Land, Mission and the End of Apartheid in South Africa. Read other articles by T.P..