The “German Question”

Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism's War on Europe (Part 6 of an 11 Part Series)

Since the unification of German states by Bismark in 1871, the German question has been at the centre of European geopolitics. From the Treaty of Berlin in 1924 — which gave assurances to the USSR of Germany neutrality in the case of imperialist aggression against the Soviet state, to the Nazi-Soviet non-aggression pact of 1939, which sabotaged the Rome, Berlin, Tokyo axis, thereby threatening to ruin Anglo-American plans to use Germany to destroy the USSR — the basis of transatlantic strategy regarding Germany has been to prevent the European central power from becoming too close to Russia.

Since unification, however, Germany’s export market and energy requirements have brought it into closer collaboration with Russia. It is in this wider and far more complex geopolitical context, therefore, that one must approach Germany’s current demographic transformation.

As we have shown in previous parts, the mass media’s pro and anti- migration discourse serves to obfuscate the fact that the refugee/migrant crisis is being manipulated by US/Israeli imperialism in order to achieve US/Israeli geopolitical objectives in Europe. The US government is perfectly aware from reports of the National Security Agency that Germany’s integration with Russia is only a matter of time and that the only way to stop this geopolitical reality is to wage a low-intensity war on Germany. Former director of the Central Intelligence Agency Micheal Hayden has predicted that Germany and Central Europe will be engulfed in civil war by 2020.

When the US intelligence community make prognoses, those estimates are often more about what they are attempting to achieve than avoid. Therefore, such reports should not be taken lightly.

Germany’s demographic crisis is pushing the government to promote mass immigration but this policy is likely to back-fire given the fact that the Zionist power-elite of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation are using differences of religion and race in order to divide and conquer nations resisting their control. A key aspect of this use of religion is the promotion of the Wahhabi death cult among Muslims by the Zionist client regimes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Statistics of the United Nations reveal that Europe will have to attract 20 million immigrants per annum if it is to solve its demographic crisis. This means that the German bourgeoisie have realized that soon there will not be enough young people to pay for their retirement upon the beaches of the countries their companies impoverished such as Spain and Greece. So, Germany’s degenerate ruling elite is hoping that immigrants from NATO’s war zones can be a new source of super-exploitation.

This is deeply indicative of a failed social model. German dissident journalist Eva Hermann has blamed bourgeois feminism for this development, a movement promoted by capitalism during the 1960s which encouraged mothers to abandon child care and spend most of their time at work. The result was a major decline in the birth rate of the German Federal Republic and a massive increase in social fragmentation. This contrasted markedly with the demographic health of the German Democratic Republic, where women’s social emancipation was combined with government policies that made it easier and more affordable for women to spend more time with their children.

As we speak, white supremacist hooligans are gathering in Berlin’s streets attacking ‘Salafist’ Muslims and other immigrants, while potentially thousands of Islamic State terrorists are on their way to mainland Europe with the connivance of US and Israeli intelligence. Many of Europe’s neo-Nazi movements are pro-Israel and have close links to Tel-Aviv. For example, Jewish militias led by Israeli special forces operatives played a key role in the 2014 coup in Ukraine which brought a neo-Nazi regime to power.

The routine policy of the mass media in Europe is to demonise Muslims by refusing to carry out any investigation into the agencies behind terrorist attacks, while at the same time presenting all critics of mass immigration as ‘neo-Nazis’. The reality is that both neo-Nazis and takfiri terrorists serve Zionist interests as both groups blame the victims of imperialism rather than the perpetrators.

However, the German people do have every right to be worried about the take over of their country by the Wahhabi death-cult. An important player in the Wahhabisation of Germany’s Muslim youth is Turkey.

The former editor of the Frankfurter Allgemeine (and CIA ‘unofficial cover’) Udo Ulfkotte has recently revealed that the Turkish ambassador to Germany made a speech in the German Bundestag in 2009 exhorting Turkish Muslims to rise up against the secular German state. The incident was not reported in the German press. While in Austria, comments by the Turkish ambassador that Austria was claiming that Turks were being treated like a ‘virus’, were met with a fulminating attack by Austrian politicians on Turkey’s ‘islamist’ policies and persecution of Christians.

The arrogance of the Turkish foreign diplomats vis a vis their European counterparts strongly suggests that they have the backing of the United States in not only entering the European Union but, more importantly, in their attempt to spread Wahhabism as a neo-colonial method of social control in a capitalist Europe entering into a new era of neo-feudalism.

In his book Deutschland: Vorsicht BurgerkriegGermany: Beware of Civil War, Ulfkotte provides strong evidence of the growing terrorism against native German communities by Muslims in suburbs where they have become a majority. The Wahhabit death cult is causing similar problems throughout Europe.

A recent study by the Austrian government revealed that over half of the country’s Turkish population wanted Shariah law, while over 25 percent of the country’s Muslim youth said they valued Shariah more than the laws of the country. There have been numerous attacks on Christian priests by Salafist gangs throughout Germany, while non-Muslims are already a minority in schools where they are bullied by Muslims. There are already 12 Islamic Courts operating in Britain with full state recognition. Muslim men in Britain who have more than one wife are now entitled to extra benefits from the state; while the Archbishop of Canterbury has claimed that Christian doctrine is ‘offensive’ to Muslims.

Muslim women in Holland are being provided with separate buses; Muslims in Bremen, Germany, have access to separate blood banks; butchers in Muslim dominated districts are being forced to stop selling pork to their customers; while many suburbs in European cities are now being controlled by Salafist militias imposing Shariah law on the residents. Meanwhile, Salafist preachers are allowed to operate with impunity in European cities, calling for the rape of non-Muslim women, while giving advice to their followers on how to defraud state institutions. These facts and many more are fully documented in Ulfkotte’s book.

But there is one major problem with Ulfkotte’s presentation of these facts. The author fails to probe deeper into the causes of the Wahhabisation of Muslims and their mass migration to Europe. Instead, there are many instances where he seeks to gain support for Israel. What he fails to point out is that Israel, more than any other nation, is encouraging the Wahhabisation of Muslim youth and that the Saudi and Qatari regimes pushing Wahhabi barbarism in Europe, through their construction of mosques and their numerous death-cult TV stations, are the sister regimes of the Zionist entity.

Followers of Ulfkotte will no doubt join the far-right Pegida movement. But this will only exacerbate the problem as this movement supports Israel. In other words, this movement is simply the other side of the problem people like Ulfkotte claim to address. The current invasion of Europe is a neocolonial project sponsored by the Ziono-Wahhabi imperial alliance. It is a divide and conquer strategy of the global ruling class. As such, the only way to combat this problem is to educate native Europeans and immigrants about the class nature of these issues, so that they can unite on a class basis against the financial elite who are using religion and race as a tool of class oppression.

Political elites have long understood the historical implications of Marxist theory; namely, that capitalism digs its own grave and creates the conditions for its overcoming. The socialisation and globalisation of labour in the era of information technology will bring capitalism to an end. This has also been predicted by elite political scientists such as Jeremy Rifkin, who in his book The Zero Marginal Cost Society: the Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons and the Collapse of Capitalism predicts that in 60 years time capitalism will no longer exist. This would be a good thing if Rifkin were advocating the socialisation of the means of production. But this is not the case. On the contrary, Rifkin is arguing for a post-capitalist global order ruled by a super-national global financial elite. In short, neofeudalism.

As one writer puts it:

Rather than a reordering or economic and political life in the direction of a post-capitalist utopia, there is every reason to believe that the outcome of these developments will be a sort of neo-feudalism, as those currently in control of large pools of capital use their position in the global pathways down which goods, information, and power flow to regenerate their structure of social control through globalized structures of debt and resource appropriation.

As we have already pointed out, the German government recently held a conference which discussed the country’s future. The conference was called Visions 2050, Future Dialogues “Made In Germany”. The conference brochure published online predicts that by 2050, all Germans will have an immigrant background; the traditional family will no longer exist and there will no longer be any pensions for old people. It also predicts that borders and nations will no longer exist as people will see themselves as world citizens. There will no longer be any elections as people will ‘participate’ in politics through online petitions under the auspices of a world government. The document refers to this future world as a ‘Global Utopia’.

It is likely that wahhabisation will be a key strategic element in bringing out a New World Order. If Wahhabi muslims become the majority in Europe, they will subject all to their tyranny. Thus, sufficient conditions of terror would be created to facilitate global governance. Meanwhile, the ‘Islamic threat’ will deflect people’s attention from class struggle, pitching working class ethnicities against each other to the benefit of the oligarchs.

Germany’s President Joachim Gauck recently told German reporters that the German nation needs to be newly defined. Gauck stated that the German people are far too linguistically, culturally and racially homogenous and therefore need to be mixed with other races, languages and cultures.

In a conversation with Micheal Frederich Vogt of Querdenken.TV, German Marxist Philosopher Professor Peter Feist argued that Gauck’s comments violated the German constitution:

The people referred to in the German constitution is the German people and not other people. When the German president promotes the abolition of the German people or their dissolution, this is in a classical sense, a betrayal of the constitution.

Professor Michel Frederich Vogt goes further, citing the 1948 UN Convention on the Prevention and the Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. Article 2, section c states that genocide involves ‘(c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part’

It is most politically incorrect to criticise these aspects of Germany’s ‘multi-cultural’ utopia and, as we have already shown, political correctness constitutes the psychological attitude of that vacillating social class we refer to as the petty bourgeoisie. It is a form of thought-policing predicated on moral injunctions. One must not be anti-Semitic; one must not be racist; one must not be Islamophobic; one must not be homophobic etc, etc. This is what Jean Bricmont has rightly referred to as the “moral left”. In Europe, they are best represented by groups such as ‘anti-Fa’ who perform on the level of social and psychological warfare, that which ISIS effects on the battle field; namely, the stealthy and indefatigable promotion of Zionism as ‘anti-racism’ and Zionism in the form of ‘humanitarian’ wars.

Educated in the German Democratic Republic, Peter Feist has noted that East Germans were taught to be proud of their own nation, culture and identity while supporting the national liberation struggles of people in the Southern Hemisphere. This is one of the reasons why German patriotism is stronger in East Germany than in the West. East Germans were brought up on Marxist ideology. This means that social problems were approached from a class analysis. This contrasted with the petty-bourgeois cultural Marxism that prevailed in the West, where the Frankfurt School did much to generate a culture of ‘moral leftism’ in a state presided over by a gang of former Nazis.

Geert Wilders of Holland and Marine Le Pen of France are politicians whose ostensibly anti-globalization policies are fooling many people. Both are supported by Israel and the Zionist establishment. Both politicians focus on the problem of Muslim immigration. Both ignore the problem of Zionism. The stupidity of the far right can be seen in their own publications about the refugee crisis. For example, the neo-fascist website Counter Currents Publishing‘ recently posted an article praising the aforementioned formation of an ‘intermarium’ of East European states against ‘genocide of white people’. What these writers do not realise, however, is that the intermarium is the very policy of Zionists who want to see Europe embroiled in internecine conflict with Russia, to the detriment of both Europe and Russia and all the neo-fascists beloved white Christian race!

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has been put under enormous pressure from the left-wing ‘Linke’ party in the Bundestag. Unlike social democratic parties in France, Die Linke has been more consistent in its opposition to Germany’s subservience to US imperialism. Dr. Gregor Gysi has called the German government cowards for not taking measures against the US after the NSA espionage on the German chancellor’s phone in 2014. Gysi also alluded to the fact that Al Qaida was a creation of the CIA.

However, Gysi also celebrates the physical annihilation of the German race. He has said that it was a good thing the Nazi Germans did not reproduce. This is another example of the absurd self-hatred inculcated in German culture since the nation’s defeat in the Second World War, one which is leading the country towards civil war and demicide.

Former Vice-president of the Organisation for Cooperation and Security in Europe, Willi Wimmer, believes that the civil wars caused by NATO in Yugoslavia will spread throughout Europe. Although a member of the conservative CDU party all his life, Willmer has said that only a leader who stands up to US imperialism, such as Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez, can save Europe from destruction. It would be naïve to think that a bourgeois leader could save Europe from destruction but bourgeois leaders like Victor Orban who stand up to the IMF and US imperialism in Europe are taking important steps in the right direction with policies that favour national sovereignty against globalisation.

However, one should be cautious in evaluating Orban’s politics. Andrew Korybko has argued that Orban is playing a double game, playing up national chauvinism at home disguised as patriotism while secretly promoting NATO interests in the Balkans. This may well be the case.

However, Orban’s nationalism will not save Europe in the end. Imperialism is what is destroying Europe. Capitalism is its content and zionism is its form. There are already reports of superexploitation of migrants in Germany with some working for one Euro an hour.

Automobile production and sales constitute the basis of the German economy. Volkswagen is one of the world’s most popular and successful cars. In 2006, Volkswagen AG opened a major new manufacturing plant in the city of Kaluga in Russia. Volkwagen is now one of the biggest investors in Russia’s automobile manufacturing industry.

Volkswagen are believed to have some of the most innovative technology for the production of diesel fueled engines. For many years America’s major automobile companies General Motors and Ford have been struggling to compete with German and Japanese cars. German manufacturers have worked out a formula to produce engines that run on impressively low fuel intake. Cars such as Volkswagen, while more expensive to produce, have a good reputation for quality and durability.

The American regulations on emissions from diesel are far stricter than those in Europe. This is because the United States, unlike Germany, does not have a monopoly in the production of efficient diesel fueled cars and it is attempting to compete with more efficient German and Japanese models.

Volkswagen is one of the industries with most to gain from closer links with Russia and China. The German company has also engaged in negotiations with the Iranian government for massive investment in Iran’s automobile industry. It has been predicted that German investment in Iran could turn the country into a major hub for regional automobile production.

Given the fact that the NSA has key information on Germany’s elites, and the growing German discontent with US-imposed sanctions on Russia, the recent emissions scandal may be part of the current, covert war being waged by the United States against Germany, an attempt to rein in an economic powerhouse with Eurasian ambitions.

As the US government seeks to gain a competitive industrial and geostrategic advantage over Russia, China and Germany by courting India with a major new General Motors investment scheme, which is touted to turn India into an Asian car producing hub, the current Volskwagen scandal could be part of a US-orchestrated ‘yellow flag’ attack. In Blueprint for Action, General Barnett writes:

I compare this sort of broadband warfare, or what some Fourth Generation Warfare theorists consider the epitome of that concept, to the notion of the “yellow flag” in a NASCAR race. In that situation, the caution flag, raised as a result of some accident on the track, requires all drivers to maintain their position vis-a-vis one another until the debris is cleared. In this form of 4GW, the purpose of creating anonymous disruption of networks would be to generate a perceived “yellow flag” situation so as to take advantage of the resulting confusion to improve one’s position in the “race”, either absolutely (leaping places ahead, so to speak) or just relatively(closing the gap with competitors). The purpose of the anonymity would therefore be to alter one’s position in any competition without being identified as the cause of events that triggered the change. (p.127)

Pressure from the German industrial sector indubitably played a role in Chancellor Merkel’s recent volte-face in relation to German policy towards Syria. In contrast to the unwavering belligerence of France, the UK and the United States, Merkel infuriated her allies, by dropping the proviso that “Assad must go” stating that the Syrian president should be part of a transition process.

Moreover, a recent dispute between German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier and NATO commander General Philip Breedlove, over the latter’s “dangerous propaganda” concerning the Russian threat in Ukraine led Reuters news agency to report ‘Germany and NATO not on the same page’.

On July 29th, 2014, Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten headlined a report: ‘Putin confidante: There will be a war in Europe’ In spite of these warnings, the EU, under US orders, increased sanctions against Russia.

In spite of several requests by the Bundestag to have US nuclear weapons removed from German territory, in September 2015 the United States Air Force moved B61 nuclear bombs to Germany.

This comes at a time when the country is being destabilized with a US/Israeli orchestrated refugee weaponization campaign and a covert economic war.

In the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung on September 23rd, 2015, Johannes Leithauser reported that the security of all Germany’s military barracks, air force bases and weapons munitions and depots is to pass into private hands. He writes that:

The German defense forces are now completely privatizing their own security is not just due to German government reforms, but follows EU directives, which also apply to Germany. ((Private Wachleute statt Soldaten, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, p 4, September 23rd, 2015))

With reports of thousands of Islamic State terrorists heading for Germany disguised as “refugees”, it is perhaps unsurprising that the above-cited report did not receive much attention, given the fact that the newspaper in question is run by the CIA.

Leithauser’s article notes that security corporations welcomed the German government’s decision to implement the new privatization of security policy. Security and the ‘project management’ super-exploitation of migrants, will clearly be Germany’s future ‘growth industries’.

While Germany and the European Union are plunged into deeper crisis from a US/Israeli engineered ‘refugee crisis’, the Chinese economy could be facing catastrophe as European demand for Chinese exports drops dramatically. This coupled with US backed Uighur terrorism account for China’s decision to intervene in Syria.

Former German government adviser Christoph Horstel has called the refugee crisis in Germany ‘US chaos management’. Horstel maintains that the war which NATO is waging against the people of the Middle East is now being transferred to Europe. The astronomical number of migrants could never hope to arrive in Germany without being secretly helped by the BND, Germany’s secret service. The refugee is, therefore, according to Horstel, a new phase of division and conquest of the world by the global finance mafia and their armed gang, NATO.

Director of the European Council on Foreign Relations, Hans Kundani, has written extensively about Germany’s geoeconomic imperative to move out of the Atlantic alliance and move closer to the Eurasian Union. The US/Zionist refugee/migrant destabilisation needs to be understood in this context.

Throughout this article we have used the term US/Israel instead of NATO. It is important to explore in the next segment the wider political, cultural and racial implications of this power configuration.

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Gearóid Ó Colmáin is a journalist and political analyst based in Paris. His work focuses on globalization, geopolitics and class struggle. He is a regular contributor to Dissident Voice, Global Research, Russia Today International, Press TV, Sputnik Radio France, Sputnik English, Al Etijah TV, Sahar TV, and has also appeared on Al Jazeera and Al Mayadeen. He writes in English, Gaelic, and French. Read other articles by Gearóid, or visit Gearóid's website.