Rothschild’s “Slaughter Ships”

Coercive Engineered Migration: Zionism's War on Europe (Part 4 of an 11 Part Series)

Austrian intelligence officials have reportedly revealed that US government agencies are paying for the transport of migrants to Europe. On August 5th, 2015 Austrian magazine Infodirekt reported:

It has come to our knowledge that US organisations are paying for the boats taking thousands of refugees to Europe. US organisations have created a co-financing scheme which provides for a considerable portion of the transportation costs. Not every refugee from North Africa has 11,000 Euro cash. Nobody is asking, where is the money coming from?

French government officials have also been caught selling life boats to refugees in Turkey. France’s France 2 Television station filmed French honorary pro-consul Françoise Olcay in Turkey in flagrante delicto.

When the official was asked if she was aware that her actions were illegal, she indicated that there were hundreds of Turkish officials involved.

Many of the refugees/migrants arriving in Europe are being provided with false Syrian passports. Until the violence in Syria in 2011, Syrian passports were printed by French government printers. This fact strongly suggests French government involvement in the distribution of false Syrian passports.

European governments are out-sourcing the management of the migrant crisis to private companies.

The aforementioned K-TV has also revealed that private multi-national project management companies such as ORS Services have been making millions of Euros from the plight of refugees. In 2014 ORS Services received 21 million Euros from the German government and has seen profits doubling since the refugee crisis. The Austrian newspaper Heute reported that ORS made 21 million euro this year alone from the migrant crisis.

Shareholder finance of ORS Services is managed by the private equity firm Equistone Partners Europe, an affiliate of the Rothschild-owned Barclays Bank, which is considered to be the most influential financial institutions in the world. German economist Wolfang Freisleben has described Barclays Bank as “Rothschilds slaughtership”. Barclays is the most important shareholder in both NM Rothschild bank and Lazard Brothers. Former director of Barclays Marcus Agius is married to a daughter of Edmond de Rothschild. Agius was also director of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s executive board and served in the Steering Committee of the secretive Bilderberg Group.

As in the case of the Arab Spring, some anarchists are once again unwitting tools and fools of imperialist subversion. The Berliner anarchist collective “Peng”! is helping to smuggle immigrants into Europe illegally. This is part of the groups ‘international solidarity’. The organisation is funded by the ultra-right wing Ayn Rand Institute, whose director is Israeli and Zionist ideologue Yaron Brook.

Ayn Rand was a Jewish philosopher who promoted the concept of objectivism; the idea that self-interest is the goal in every individual’s life and that laissez-faire capitalism is the only system compatible with the individual’s super-egotism.

Here again we see capitalism’s reliance on youthful rebellion of a politically correct ‘leftist’ variety in order to further entrench its grip on humanity.

A key ‘weapon’ used in 2011 by imperialism to destroy the institutions of the nation-state was the smartphone. Thousands of smartphones were provided to US-funded ‘activists’ during Zionism’s ‘Arab Spring’. It is unsurprising, therefore, to see that smartphones are being supplied to thousands of migrants by NGOs once they arrive in Europe. This could become a nightmare for any nation-state refusing to cooperate with imperialism’s migration agenda.

Researchers in Germany found that migrants were being supplied with smartphones by Austria’s A-1 mobile phone company. The A-1 mobile company is controlled by Mexican Billionaire Carlos Slim. Slim, whose real name is Salem, comes from the Levant.

That is why Hungary is at the heart of the current crisis. Refugees of NATO’s imperialist wars are now being used as geopolitical tools with which to destabilise the recalcitrant Hungarian state as a stepping stone to a long, low-intensity civil war in Europe. By erecting a fence to protect Hungary’s sovereignty, Orban is defying the objectives of the Empire. And while there are undoubtedly many desperate people waiting at the Hungarian border, the fence, by stalling NATO’s destabilisation plans, is also helping the millions of refugees in Syria under the protection of the Syrian Arab Army and indirectly, through its robust defense of national sovereignty, Hungary is joining the resistance of countries such as Belarus, Venezuela and Eritrea from the empire of chaos.

Yet, similar to the consensus surrounding the ‘spontaneous’ and ‘popular uprising’ during the Arab Spring, there is an almost entire ‘leftist’ consensus that Victor Orban is a cruel and racist tyrant. Concrete and complex analysis has ceded ground to a chorus of platitudinous pronouncements about the “rights of asylum seekers” and the “obligations” of European countries to receive them. Just as in the Arab Spring, it is believed that the refugees/migrants are coming to Europe as an unintended consequence of NATO’s policy in Libya and Syria, rather than being part of a much wider and more complex geostrategic initiative to use people as weapons in order to break down all resistance to US/Zionist globalisation. Here again, to echo the words of General Barnett, it is capitalism which is proving to be the avant-garde of global revolution, rather than its so-called ‘socialist’ and ‘leftist’ critics.

Billionaire George Soros has advised the European Union to increase funding to NGOs and the private sector dealing with the refugee crisis. It looks like Brussels is following his advice with the fund put aside to deal with the crisis now doubling to 9.5 billion euro. Good news for Equistone Partners Europe, the Rothschild banking mafia!

Another organisation highly active in the smuggling of refugees to Europe is ‘Fluchlinghelfer.In’, which is funded by the afore-mentioned Ayn Rand Institute.

Meanwhile a state founded on the creation of refugees is deeply concerned about the plight of Syrian victims of Zionism’s wars.

Jewish ‘humanitarian’ agencies such as the Multi-faith alliance for Syrian Refugees and the Jewish Coalition for Syrian Refugees in Jordan, who have no interest in the plight of millions of Palestinian refugees of Zionism, are actively offering Syrians in Jordanian camps ‘resettlement’ in Europe and America. What Syrians manipulated by Israeli agencies fail to realise is that these same agencies are responsible not only for the destruction of their country but they could soon be joined in Jordan by Palestinians deported by Israel.

Meanwhile, IsraAid, the Zionist entity’s international ‘aid’ agency, is active in the Balkans helping migrants get to central Europe.

An article published in the Suddeutsche Zeitung on October 14th 2014, states that Syrian refugees in Turkey are going hungry due to lack of funds for their upkeep. It states that 280 million euros more are required to feed the refugees. In other words, pocket change.

While other reports in the German media indicate that the German state will have to dish out 46 billion dollars per annum to finance immigration.

The insanity of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s immigration policy has been denounced by US presidential candidate Donal Trump. In a recent interview, he says:

It’s insane… letting in that many people. What they should do is all get together, including the gulf states, who have nothing but money. They should all get together and have a safe zone in Syria where they could live and then ultimately go back to their country, go back to where they came from…. I’ve been watching this migration and I see the people. They’re men, they’re mostly men. And they’re strong men. These are physically young, strong men. They look like prime-time soldiers. Now, it’s probably not true but where are the women? You see some women. You see some children. But for the most part, I’m looking at strong men. So, you ask two things. Number one: why aren’t they fighting for their country? And another thing. I don’t want these people coming over here.

Of course, one can be under no illusions about the reactionary, chauvinist policy of Donald Trump who is playing on xenophobia to get elected, nor will Trump ever admit that the US is responsible for the entire humanitarian catastrophe in Syria, Iraq, Libya and many other countries. His question as to why the young men are not fighting for their country is ironic given the fact that the fighters he supports are fighting for the US and Israel. However, like so many sources of information, Trump’s comments about the preponderance of young, fit men are highly significant.

After the January 7th, 2015 Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks in Paris, Chancellor Angela Merkel appeared in Berlin at a vigil for the victims of the attack. At Merkel’s side were Turkish-German politicians who are members of the ruling party. They are also members of the Turkish islamo-fascist organisation ‘The Grey Wolves’. This organisation has now over 20,000 members in Germany and many of their members have joined the Islamic State in Syria, posting videos of their atrocities on line. That means that there are members of the German government with close links to the Islamic State.

German collaboration with Islamist terrorism goes back a long way. During the Second World War, the Nazis armed Muslim SS divisions in Albania and Bosnia who committed atrocities against Jews and Orthodox Christians in the Balkans. During the Yugoslav wars of the 1990s, Germany’s secret service, BND (Bundesnachrichtendienst) armed and trained Bosnian Islamist terrorists as part of NATO’s ‘Drang nach Osten’. Now the same German agencies are bringing the wars home.

The German government recently held a conference in Berlin called ‘Dialogs and Vision for Germany in 2050’. The conference predicted that many sociological terms used today will be soon be obsolete. One of the terms referred to in the booklet is ‘immigration background’. The conference booklet states the reason for the concept’s obsolescence is that ‘because everyone will be so “mixed” and everyone will have a migration background.

This means that the notion of belonging to a country, of being able to retrace one’s ancestry through the centuries in the country of one’s birth, this notion will be obsolete. In other words, no one will have any identity, other than that of a consumer. Commodity fetishism will constitute the identity of the ‘Germans’ of the future. The document also describes this future as a ‘global utopia’; a utopia for the ruling elite, a nightmare for the millions of rootless, acculturated, post-modern nomads. While being cosmopolitan can certainly be an advantage for some, cosmopolitanism as a form of class-driven social engineering is another matter. Cosmopolitanism as social engineering is not only class war, it constitutes a new form of colonialism.

The white-colonial settlement of the United States brought to a brutal end thousands of years of Native American cultures and civilisations. Those natives who survived the White colonial invasion and genocide are today reduced to poverty, social exclusion and misery. What we are witnessing in Europe is a form of reverse colonialism, whereby victims of globalisation in the Southern Hemisphere countries are being artificially transferred to Northern Hemisphere states. Under conditions of capitalism, this can and will only lead to civil war and chaos. In the case of Turkey, there is a overt policy of Wahabisation, not only of Turkey itself but of Europe.

It is most politically incorrect to highlight these aspects of Germany’s ‘multi-cultural’ utopia and, as we have already shown, political correctness constitutes the psychological attitude of that vacillating social class we refer to as the petty bourgeoisie. It is a form of thought-policing predicated on moral injunctions. One must not be anti-Semitic; one must not be racist; one must not be Islamophobic; one must not be homophobic etc., etc. This is what Jean Bricmont has rightly referred to as the “moral left”. In Europe, they are best represented by groups such as ‘anti-Fa’ who perform on the level of social and psychological warfare, that which NATO’s puppets effect on the battle field; namely, the stealthy and indefatigable promotion of Zionism as ‘anti-racism’ and Zionism in the form of ‘humanitarian’ wars.

In order to more thoroughly understand the significance of the current refugee/migrant crisis, we need to discuss some of the principle geopolitical philosophies that have shaped both British and American imperialism for well over a century.

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