The Terrorists: International Support for Sri Lanka’s Racist Discrimination

Part 4

The Geneva Declaration on Terrorism, passed May 29, 1987 by the UN general assembly, points out that the main perpetrators of terrorism are governments striving to keep down parts of their populations or other peoples. In this document, at that time, the main culprits are the United States, Israel, South Africa and the many dictatorships in Latin America at that time.

State terrorism manifests itself in: 1) police state practices against its own people to dominate through fear by surveillance, disruption of group meetings, control of the news media, beatings, torture, false and mass arrests, false charges and rumors, show trials, killings, summary executions and capital punishments;

The terrorism of modern state power and its high technology weaponry exceeds qualitatively by many orders of magnitude the political violence relied upon by groups aspiring to undo oppression and achieve liberation.

…peoples who are fighting against colonial domination and alien occupation and against racist regimes in the exercise of their right of self-determination have the right to use force to accomplish their objectives within the framework of international humanitarian law.

This document applies to the situation of the Sri Lankan governments since 1983 as well as to the LTTE, and the proportions of the use of violence are as written by the general assembly. The LTTE did, however, after time, go beyond the framework of international humanitarian law.

One voice regarding terrorism and what lies behind these atrocities appears so credible to me, and so tragic in itself, that I quote him extensively to show that all warring parties in Sri Lanka acted as terrorists. Here are some of the last words of Sri Lankan journalist Manilal Wickrematunge Lasantha, a Sinhalese, who predicted his assassination shortly before it occurred, on January 8, 2009. His newspaper, The Sunday Leader, published his own “obituary” three days later.

Terror, whether perpetrated by terrorists or the state, has become the order of the day. Indeed, murder has become the primary tool whereby the state seeks to control the organs of liberty…

Our commitment is to see Sri Lanka as a transparent, secular, liberal democracy… Secular because in a multi-ethnic and multi-cultural society such as ours, secularism offers the only common ground by which we might all be united…

…we have consistently espoused the view that while separatist terrorism must be eradicated, it is more important to address the root causes of terrorism, and urged government to view Sri Lanka’s ethnic strife in the context of history and not through the telescope of terrorism. We have also agitated against state terrorism in the so-called war against terror, and made no secret of our horror that Sri Lanka is the only country in the world routinely to bomb its own citizens…

The LTTE are among the most ruthless and bloodthirsty organisations ever to have infested the planet. There is no gainsaying that it must be eradicated. But to do so by violating the rights of Tamil citizens, bombing and shooting them mercilessly, is not only wrong but shames the Sinhalese, whose claim to be custodians of the dhamma [the teachings of Buddha, which lead to enlightenment] is forever called into question by this savagery, much of which is unknown to the public because of censorship…

What is more, a military occupation of the country’s north and east will require the Tamil people of those regions to live eternally as second-class citizens, deprived of all self respect…

It is well known that I was on two occasions brutally assaulted, while on another my house was sprayed with machine-gun fire. Despite the government’s sanctimonious assurances, there was never a serious police inquiry into the perpetrators of these attacks, and the attackers were never apprehended. In all these cases, I have reason to believe the attacks were inspired by the government. When finally I am killed, it will be the government that kills me.

The irony in this is that, unknown to most of the public, Mahinda [Rajapakse, the president] and I have been friends for more than a quarter century… “Sadly, for all the dreams you had for our country in your younger days, in just three years you have reduced it to rubble. In the name of patriotism you have trampled on human rights, nurtured unbridled corruption and squandered public money like no other President before you…”

When Lasantha’s dramatic editorial appeared, he had already been murdered on his way to work by four men on motorcycles. The probable conspirator behind the execution was Lasantha’s “friend’s” brother, war secretary Gotabhaya Rajapakse, a naturalized citizen of the USA. In December 2008, he had censored the Sunday Leader from publishing any criticism of his actions. He had earlier threatened the careers and lives of other journalists.

A week before Lasanth’s murder, G. Rajapakse’s army captured the capital of the de facto Eelam state, Kilinochchi. LTTE guerrilla army fled but not all the civilians had evacuated before the government’s troops entered and butchered scores or hundreds. On August 25, 2009, England’s Channel 4 News broadcast footage showing Sri Lankan forces executing nine Tamils stripped naked. One of the military’s soldiers had filmed this atrocity on his mobile telephone. Journalists for Democracy in Sri Lanka (Sinhalese and Tamils) obtained the film and presented it to Channel 4, which showed it after verifying its authenticity.

The United States government praised Sri Lanka for its military offensive. The US embassy in Colombo issued this statement: “The United States does not advocate that the Government of Sri Lanka negotiate with the LTTE…”

Following this crushing defeat, the LTTE was reduced to an area of a few square kilometers. Many thousands of civilians had left their homes to reach so-called No Fire Zones, which the S.L. army began setting up on January 20th. Conditions were sub-human (and they continue to be so for over two-hundred and fifty thousand interned civilians in various camps as of this writing), and they were (are) forced to remain. Amnesty International—more often than not a reliable observer of international conflicts, one of the few NGO’s that does not take money from any government or political party—recently published a report about these camps. Sri Lanka is violating rules established by the United Nations, including the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, applying to displaced persons.

Here is an excerpt from a civilian inmate.

“Knowing that many civilians were not able to move, the government restarted shelling. They even hit the No Fire Zone so even that small area was not protected…When we heard the supersonic Kfirs [Israel jets] overhead we used to rush to the bunker and hide…That was our life for months just squatting in bunkers.”

Amnesty stated: “The Government of Sri Lanka exacerbated this isolation by restricting access by outsiders to the conflict area. In September 2008, Defense Secretary Gotabhaya Rajapaska issued a directive ordering all humanitarian and UN agencies to leave the Vanni and remove all equipment and vehicles.” This order also applied to journalists, opposition politicians and humanitarian organizations.

John Pilger described Sri Lanka’s isolation strategy this way:

The Sri Lankan government has learned an old lesson from, I suspect, a modern master: Israel. In order to conduct a slaughter, you ensure the pornography is unseen, illicit at best. You ban foreigners and their cameras from Tamil towns like Mulliavaikal, which was bombarded recently by the Sri Lankan army, and you lie that the 75 people killed in the hospital were blown up quite willfully by a Tamil suicide bomber. ((John Pilger, “Distant Voices, Desperate Lives,” New Statesman, May 13, 2009.))

From 2006-7 onward President Rajapakse was spending nearly one-quarter ($1.5 billion) of Sri Lanka’s national budget of $7.5 billion (2008 figures) on war. By January 2009, the Sri Lankan military, refortified especially by Israel, Pakistan and China, had recaptured much of the Tamil Homeland. From the end of 2008 to Sri Lanka’s military victory over LTTE, it had indiscriminately bombed Tamil civilians even in the “safe zones” where the government had told them to flee. Many thousands were killed.

After the fall of Tamil Eelam’s de facto capital, it still took the far superiorly armed and manned army four and one-half months to defeat the guerrilla army. There were few close contact battles. The LTTE fighters and civilians in the remaining Homeland area were subject to shelling from the air and by long-distance artillery. Amnesty International reported:

Eyewitness accounts of the final months of the war painted a grim picture of deprivation of food, water and medical care; fear, injury and loss of life suffered by civilians trapped by the conflict… both the LTTE and Sri Lankan government forces committed violations of international humanitarian law… The LTTE forcibly recruited children as soldiers, used civilians as human shields against the Sri Lankan army’s offensive, and attacked civilians who tried to flee. The Sri Lankan armed forces launched indiscriminate attacks with artillery on areas densely populated by civilians. Hospitals were shelled, resulting in death and injuries among patients and staff.

Sri Lanka’s military achieved victory by murdering any Tamil “in its way”, and because of the extensive military force provided to it by many capitalist and so-called socialist states. Here are the major players:

1. India has provided weaponry, radar and training to Sri Lanka’s military since 1987. It often hides what aid it gives or sells since so many of its citizens are against S.L.’s brutality against Tamils. After a period of providing little military assistance, it increased its aid at the end of 2008 when the government launched its all-out offensive. As late as April 2009, India sent three fast attack boats and a missile corvette (INS Vinash), part of $500 million in total aid. It has also turned over LTTE fugitives to S.L. India sees its traditional role as the dominant nation in South Asia being replaced by China’s fast-growing presence, which is another reason for its support to Sri Lanka’s Buddhist government despite the fact that 80% of India’s 1.2 billion people practice Hinduism with less than 1% Buddhists. On the world plan, India hip hops from one antagonist force to another. There is no clear direction.

2. The United States of America has been arming and financing Sri Lanka for most of the civil war period. The Indian Ocean is a vital waterway in which half of the world’s containerized cargo passes through. Its waters carry heavy traffic of petroleum products. The US signed a ten year Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement (ACSA) with Sri Lanka on 5 March 2007 which provides, along with other things, logistics supplies and refueling facilities. The US already has Voice of America installation at Tricomalee, which can be used for surveillance. From at least the 1990s, the US has provided military training, financing and weapons sales averaging $1.5 million annually. During the cease fire, in 2002, this sum went down to $259,999 for military training only. Bush was especially glad for Sri Lanka’s terrorism, and encouraged Colombo to resume the civil war, in 2006, which his government financed with $2.9 million. The Pentagon provided counter-insurgency training, maritime radar, patrols of US warships and aircraft. At the end of Bush’s second term, the US was forced to cut back on aid given that it was bogged down in Afghanistan and Iraq. That, coupled with critical public opinion, organized by the Diaspora, of state terrorism and systematic discrimination of Tamils, prompted congress to make noises about abuses of human rights by not only LTTE but also about the use of children in “paramilitary forces of the Sri Lankan government.” Nevertheless, in 2008, $1.45 million in military financing and training was granted the government out of a total of $7.4 million in total aid. The US made noises about killing a ‘humanitarian crisis’ when the Sri Lankan army was about to finish the war but it never took affirmative action to bring the war to an end. It’s howling about human rights is only a veiled threat to the Sri Lankan government, that it should not do anything prejudicial to its interests, that is, keep China at bay.

3. Israel was officially re-awarded diplomatic relations, in May 2000, after Sri Lanka had severed them, in 1970, in protest at Israel’s continued illegal expansion into Palestinian territory. Nevertheless, Israel continued to operate inside S.L. out of a special interests office set up in the US embassy. Under the table, however, Sri Lanka’s successive regimes embraced Israel’s military advisors, a special commando unit in the police, and Mossad counter-intelligence agents—who sought to drive a wedge between Muslims and Tamils. After S.L. military defeat at Elephant Pass, it appealed to Israel for military aid. Israel sent 16 of its supersonic Kfir fighter jets, some Dvora fast naval attack craft, and electronic and imagery surveillance equipment, plus advisors and technicians. Israel personnel took part in military attacks on Tamil units, and its pilots flew attack aircraft. Tigers shot down one Kfir. Just before the end of the war, Prime Minister Wickremanayake was in Israel to make bigger deals with Israeli arms supplies.

4. U.K./EU In 2005, British arms export rose by 60%, according to John Pilger (12). In 2008, £1.4 million in arms export was approved. France sent patrol boats, and other EU countries continued but reduced military aid. The EU had never been required to offer much aid given that its major allies were so much engaged.

5. Japan has long been Sri Lanka’s greatest economic donor until China overtook that position in 2008-9. Japan has sold technology and offered generous loans, but it has also outright donated millions more every year. In 1997, for instance, it granted $52 million outright but $26 in technical cooperation. In 2001, aid was at $310 million. It also paid for the government television station, Rupavahini. While Japan’s aid, sales and loans are not directed at defense, these huge sums allow the Sri Lanka governments to use more of its budget for war. This is the case as well with several other Asian countries.

6. Iran “We don’t need your money (with all those strings)”, a Sri Lanka treasury functionary purportedly told World Bank officials last year. “The international community” (US-EU governments) had begun to cut back on aid and even to ask questions about treatment of Tamil civilians, whose cries were being heard from the Diaspora. So, Sri Lanka played one power against another: India-Pakistan/China, US-China, Israel-Iran/Libya—the West-NAM. In 2008-9, Iran provided $1.9 billion in credit to build an oil refinery, in order to process S.L.’s crude oil, and it donated $450 million for a hydropower project. Iran is US’s most important inside ally with the Quisling Iraq government. And Libya has most recently been approached for a $500 million loan by Sri Lanka. Libya is with and against Iran.

7. Pakistan came into the Sri Lanka debacle, in 2008, at the encouragement of China. At the beginning of 2009, it provided $100 million in military assistance loans; it gave Chinese-origin small arms, and offered pilot training for S.L.’s new Chinese aircraft. Pakistan is also an ally of the US in its terror war “against” terror. Its governments are part of the war against Afghanistan, which has spread throughout most of Pakistan and split the population. Here have we a country allied with Cuba and ALBA et al. in NAM at the same time a partner with the world’s greatest terrorist state.

8. China entered the picture in 2005.China is the world’s no 2 oil consumer after the United States. China has stepped up efforts to secure sea lanes and transport routes that are vital for its oil supplies. In April 2007, just one month after the US’s ACSA deal with SL, China’s Poly Technologies supplied $36.5 million arms to Sri Lanka. A $150 million contract was given to China’s Huawei, which has close links with the Chinese intelligence wing MSS, to build a country-wide infrastructure for communications. In 2008, China invested five times over what it did in 2007. Its biggest investment is a vast construction project at Hambantota on the southern coast, which it will use as a re-fuelling and docking station for its navy. “Ever since Sri Lanka agreed to the plan, in March 2007, China has given it all the aid, arms and diplomatic support it needs to defeat the Tigers, without worrying about the West,” wrote The Times (London). China acts without asking questions about the treatment and conditions of workers and minorities. In April 2007, S.L. made a deal to buy Chinese ammunition and ordnance for is military. China gave it six F7 jet fighters after a Sky Tiger raid that destroyed ten military aircraft, in 2007. One Chinese fighter was soon shot down by Tigers. China has also given or sold on credit: an anti-submarine warfare vessel, gunboats and landing craft, battle tanks, anti-aircraft guns, and air surveillance radars. In June 2009, after the conclusion of the civil war, it signed an $891 million agreement for the Norochcholai Coal Power project. Chinese companies were granted an Economic Zone for 33 years. Huichen Investments Holdings Limited is to invest $28 million in next three years in the Mirigama Zone. For the first time a specific area was given to a foreign country. China is making major inroads into Sri Lanka, causing concern in the US-India Axis.

In the last few months of the war, Sri Lanka’s military used China’s weapons to systematically bombard what was left of the Tamil Eelam homeland. British media reported that 20,000 Tamil civilians were killed just in the last five days. Yet President Rajapakse claimed that “not one Tamil civilian was killed by military shelling.”

According to the pro-imperialist The Times (London), “aerial photographs, official documents, witness accounts and expert testimony” tell a story of the Sri Lankan’s “fierce barrage” of three weeks constant shelling in a five-kilometer area where 300,000 Tamil civilians were. The Times’ estimated that about 1,000 civilians were killed each day for three weeks until May 19. With most of the leadership dead, and tens of thousands civilians slaughtered, the LTTE surrendered.

One of The Times’ sources for these figures, and that responsibility lay with SL military, is the Catholic priest Amalraj, who was there until May 16. At the time of article, May 29, 2009, he was interned in the militarized Manik Farm camp along with 200,000 others.

Even the editor of the pro-imperialist Armed Forces of the UK magazine contended that it was not the Tigers who fired upon their own people but that is was the Sri Lankan government, which used imprecise air-burst and ground-impact mortars to annihilate anything alive.

The Times piece ended on this sad note: S.L “was cleared of any wrongdoing by the UN Human Rights Council after winning the backing of countries including China, Egypt, India and Cuba.”

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  • Ron Ridenour is an anti-war activist and author of 12 books. His latest is The Russian Peace Threat: Pentagon on Alert, Punto Press. Read other articles by Ron, or visit Ron's website.

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    1. Shabnam said on November 19th, 2009 at 11:25am #

      For more information on the nature of Tamils’ struggle, please read the another opinion:

      {I think a multi-ethnic Sri Lanka under a functional constitution would be a nice place to live. The Constitution defines certain fundamental rights, but there are also responsibilities. One is the sovereignty and very existence of a Sri Lankan state. Basically, to get the benefits of a Sri Lankan nation, you need to be loyal to it. Amidst the talk of power sharing under the 13th amendment people forget the 6th. That explicitly makes it illegal to even advocate for a separate state. It’s a bit harsh, but I don’t think you can have one without the other. Rights come with responsibilities.

      I don’t support Tamil Nationalism any more than I support Sinhala Chauvinism. I am a Sri Lankan with friends and family of different races and religions and I don’t have any interest in a living situation based on race. Furthermore, many of the people I see advocating for a Tamil nation are comfortable ensconced in Colombo or abroad whereas Tamil people I meet in the north just want to travel freely, including to Colombo.

      I support a national civil rights movement for all Sri Lankans, and I think Tamils are the ones getting disproportionately hammered under current Emergency Law. However, I don’t think a Tamil Nation is the answer to this. I think it just deflects the fundamental human questions into ones of racial rancor and pride. Borders and cleansing may separate people but it’s a small island and we ultimately have to live together. To that end, I think we need to strengthen Sri Lanka, and it’s Constitution. That means, on one hand, granting our Fundamental Rights to all Sri Lankans (including IDPs). These rights include the right to travel, to get government service in a national language, etc.

      On the other hand, however, people also have the responsibility to accept the Sri Lankan government. Not this particular government, but just the fact that we do have an elected government and a legitimate state. And then to work through the government to address grievances and vote it out whenever possible and necessary. But I think that basic acceptance of Sri Lanka is a prerequisite to actual positive change.

      Saying that the whole thing sucks and these guys are assholes (as I have said) is not especially mature nor productive. I mean, OK, then what? Personally, I think we need to work this thing out as united Sri Lankans through mutual respect and whatever institutions we have. To that end, I really wish Neelan Tiruchelvam was alive, that the LTTE hadn’t assassinated him. Because I think he’s the kind of clear-headed compassionate thinking we need today. To quote Radhika Coomaraswamy after his death:

      His idealistic belief that he could persuade Machiavellian governments to do the right thing was often criticised and ridiculed. Only those closest to him knew that such an attitude stemmed from his belief that moral persuasion and dialogue were the only way forward, not rancour, bitterness or armed conflict.}

    2. Indran said on November 19th, 2009 at 11:56am #

      Thank you SIR

    3. Ananth said on November 19th, 2009 at 12:04pm #

      That is an interesting post Shabnam. Here is something from a Tamil youth (arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and put on trial) who was on the ground and what he has to say about the whole situation in just months before the pogrom of July 1983 on the Tamils.

      ” We are not lovers of violence nor victims of mental disorders. We are honest fighters belonging to an organization that is struggling to liberate a people. To those noble souls who keep on prating “terrorism, terrorism” we have something to say. Did you not get frightened of terrorism when hundreds of Tamils were massacred in cold blood, when racist hate spread like fire in this country of yours? Did terrorism mean nothing to you when Tamil women were raped? When cultural treasures were set on fire? When hundreds and hundreds of Tamil homes were looted? Why in 1977 alone 400 Tamils lost their lives reddening the sky above with their splattered blood – did you not see any terrorism then? Did your thoughts and feelings become deadened when it concerned Tamil lives and Tamil property or are your minds unable to conceive the very idea of Tamil suffering?….

      You must not run away with the thought that our sole objective is to establish Tamil Eelam. Tamil Eelam certainly remains an objective because we have learnt through bitter experience over the past several years that it is only by establishing a State of Tamil Eelam can Tamils live with self respect. But our vision is broader than that. Our vision is global. Wherever there is oppression, wherever there is violation of human dignity, whether in Africa or in Latin America, we are prepared to link hands with the oppressed and the under dog. When our vision is so global how can it fail to take into account the future good of the Sinhala people?…

      There is nothing that prevents two neighbouring nations living in co-operation. Even nations with differing policies get together for common economic good and for the purpose of common security. Does that mean that those nations give up their distinctive characteristics or sovereignty? ..

      I want to ask this question from my Sinhala friends. Do you accept as correct and justified the various acts of oppression that the Tamil people have suffered until now not only in our land but in various parts of your land as a result of various acts of thuggery and terrorism? Do you also consider wrong our attempt to free ourselves from the inhumane oppression of your government? Or does it mean that you do not care what happens because the victims are Tamils? If that is so, our sympathies are with you. Believe me our freedom is an assured fact and will come. Once that happens your law books and terrorist laws cannot touch us. Thereafter you will be the sole ‘beneficiaries’ of the very laws that oppress us now.

      Will you urge your government to stop the injustice against us and acknowledge our sovereignty? .Will you as a first step towards this and towards the eradication of terrorism, urge your government to recall the Sri Lanka Police Force and the Armed Forces – wholesale merchants of terrorism -from our soil? I leave it to you to decide whether you will show the world how committed you are to justice… ”

      – Nadarajah Thangathurai’s Statement from the Dock (1 March 1983)

    4. Ananth said on November 19th, 2009 at 12:08pm #

      “Allegations are made that we are asking for separation, that we are trying to divide the country. When were we undivided after all? Our traditional land captured by the European invaders has never been restored to us. We have not even mortgaged our land at any time to anyone in the name of one country. Our land has changed hands off and on under various regimes, and that is what has happened. We have yet to reach a stage when we can have our land for ourselves.

      What we ask for is not division but freedom. Why we ask this is not because of narrow thinking. What we hope to achieve is not only the emancipation of the Tamil people but the greater good of the Sinhalese people themselves. Why? Because, thereafter, the so-called Tamil problem will cease to be a livelihood for opportunist Sinhalese politicians. That will provide a chance for the Sinhalese people to free themselves from the political, social and economic shackles that bind them today and realize where their true slavery lies. ……

      ….There is no testament in the world that declares that a people who fight to recover their own rights or work for their self-determination are guilty of sedition or terrorism. Had you endorsed our basic human rights at the very beginning this situation would not have arisen. You had not only not recognised our rights but for the purpose of clinging on to political seats of power you had been injecting into the poor innocent Sinhalese people hate and venom over the past 35 years. That not all the Sinhala people have fallen victims to your racist poison has been proved by the fact that many of them during the time of race riots, have time and again rescued Tamils from armed thugs and complete extermination. It has been customary for every opposition party in Sri Lanka that wants to come to power to obstruct any settlement of the Tamil question and rouse the Sinhala people for that purpose.

      As against that, for a ruling party to permit racist violence as it has done during the past six years is more reprehensible. If the relationship between the Tamil people and the Sri Lanka government has reached the present deplorable state, that responsibility lies squarely with the present dispensation…..

      For the past quarter century, the ruling governments have like parrots kept on repeating the same threadbare statements ‘we will solve the Tamil question’. Whether we accept your solutions or not, what honest attempts have been made to solve the problems of the Tamils? While holding out the bogus promise of solving the problems of the Tamil people, you have spent all your time in trying to blunt Tamil resistance. What have the Tamil people asked you? Not economic benefits, not employment opportunities. That no such benefits could come from you is a fact well known to them.

      …Even if you do come forward to grant these benefits, what guarantee can you give the Tamils that they could live with self respect in this island in the future? What ever you give them without securing that self respect will be alien to them.

      In this island there are sanctuaries for even wild animals but upto now there is no sanctuary in any part of this island where Tamils can live without fear. This is not something we can expect from you in the future either.”

      -Nadarajah Thangathurai’s Statement from the Dock (1 March 1983)

    5. b99 said on November 19th, 2009 at 1:13pm #

      The 6th amendment, I believe instituted by Jayawardene, or at least championed by him, functions as an excuse by the Sinhalese-dominated state to persecute political dissent among Tamils. It needs to be overturned.

    6. said on November 19th, 2009 at 2:58pm #


    7. Shabnam said on November 19th, 2009 at 3:20pm #

      Please stop misleading the people at this site. When a group of people fight against a sovereign state and undermine that state, failing to fulfill their responsibilities in order to break up the country to establish a state , only 10% of population, then we hesitate to support such a ‘nationalism’ which leads to nothing but bloodshed. When opportunists, who are seeking their own state at the expense of others are willing to collaborate with enemies of humanity who have crushed the native population and have enforced a national language, English, against other languages, sending a letter to Zionist puppets, Obama and Hillary Clinton, asking for help then you create doubts. You are following the footsteps of Kurds, pawns of Zionist terrorists, who have played a large role in destruction of Iraq and its people by supporting the Zionist project, ‘Greater Israel’ according to Oded Yinon, to expand the Kurdish tribe for establishment of a state in the future which have created a lot of mistrust among people in the region. You don’t want to come to the same position, don’t you?

      When the reputation of a group of Tamil abroad is STAINED due to their desire to collaborate with Zionism based on fake history and background, using a manufactured history created by the Zionists to steal Palestine, then you create distrust among international community and people will develop doubts about your true motives. Palestinians have resisted against collonists for over a century. When few opportunist Tamils are sending letters to Washington to show that Tamils have similar history as ‘Jews’, thus, they deserve zionists’ attention, then you are engaged in lies and deception because there is no ‘jewish’ race but Hebrew who have lived side by side with Palestinians and Muslim in peace for century but are treated as second citizens in Israel. I am sure these opportunists are not talking about second class citizen Hebrews, rather are trying to get the attention of Zionist Jews in Washington who are supporting genocide in Palestine and have a hand in every secessionist movement in the Asia, Africa and the Middle East for expansion of their influence in order to establish ‘Greater Israel.’ Those Tamils, who have sent letters to Washington begging EUROPEAN COLONISTS for help must understand that these colonists adopted Judaism in 9th century and have nothing in common with the indigenous population of Semite in Palestine. The history of European colonists in Washington is different from Tamils. Why Tamil movement has not issued a warning to notify others that Tamils liberation movement do not support these people action? The international community is not willing to go with the wishes of Zionism to partition states in the region to create allies for Zionist terrorists and thieves.
      We are not going to support more partitions to create state with 2 million people, Cassava, or 4 million, Tamils and so on. People should solve their problems through negotiations and dialogue to overcome their differences not through secessionist movement which is supported and directed by Israel in Asia and Africa and the Middle East to expand their influence thrugh the game of ‘divide and conquare.’

      Ms. Hillary Clinton
      Secretary of State, Government of USA
      2201 C Street NW Washington DC 20520
      Respected Secretary of State Ms. Hillary Rodham Clinton
      We, Indian Tamils are thankful for your and your Government’s sympathies to the plight of the Internally Displaced Persons in Srilanka. But we are sad that Governments of the World are not comparing the Tamil genocide with the Jewish Genocide of last century. The irony is Jews who were persecuted in last century are not expressing solidarity with Tamils in this century, may be present generation had forgotten their past.
      We all know the genocide of Jews during Second World War. Scholars opine that “The murder of the European Jews in the Second World War was unique. Never before did a state decide to kill a specific group of humans — including old people, women, and children — without any reservation or examination of the individual case, and enact this murder with the means of State power.” — Eberhard Jäckel, German Historian and Director of the Institute for Contemporary History, University of Stuttgart.
      But the irony is before our eyes, in our own times, while leaders like you are in seats of power, not a dictator like Adolf Hitler with a massive war machine, but a tiny island’s sadistic President Rajapakshe, who could come to his senses if strong signals are sent remains determined to carry out his genocidal civil war to the finish. We thank you for talking to him, but the speed with which USA acted in Pakistan recently is unfortunately missing with regards to your Governments initiatives to stall the civil war and stop the Genocide of Tamils in Srilanka.
      We read that the Srilankan President assured you of some all party conference as panacea not to end civil war, but to offer some power to Tamils of Eelam. We wish to bring to your kind attention on how many initiatives of past, how many pacts, how many packages, how many conferences were offered but ultimately none was fulfilled, because it had been the mindset of all Sinhalese parties in power, not to grant any power or autonomy or peaceful coexistence formula to Tamil population.
      We want USA and the Nations of the World to offer Tamils the same panacea offered to Jews in last century. The modern state of Israel has its roots in the Biblical Land of Israel and the heartland of the ancient kingdoms of Israel and Judah. The only living classical language on Earth still spoken by millions and millions of Tamil people living across continents has in its Literature evidences in plenty about the Tamil rule and Tamil habitation of current Srilanka much before the so called Sinhalese set their foot there. If Biblical Land could be freed, why not Tamils land is freed?
      This question haunts every Tamil heart which pleads silently to leaders like you to understand the similarities.
      The birth of Zionism in 1897, its acceptance by the British Balfour Declaration followed by the League of Nations adopting the British Mandate of Palestine after World War I, which was “in favor of the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, it being clearly understood that nothing should be done which might prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine…
      The birth of Tamilism dates back to 2500 years when Tamil grammarian enunciated a rule to keep pure Tamil letters only among Tamil alphabets. Since then various struggles to preserve Tamil language, culture, and religion had been waged. In Independent India when Hindi was to be imposed as sole official language Tamilnadu, an Indian State waged a fierce battle to stop making India uniform in the name of ushering unity. India realized its folly after Tamil martyrs committed self immolations, thus yielded to democratic protests and made English continue as official language.
      Much before Tamilnadu, the Tamils of Eelam fought for Tamil language. Until 1956 Tamil and Sinhalese enjoyed equal rights, which was deprived by the Official Languages Act of 1956. We all know that in Latin America many official languages are there, not one language is imposed. In Europe too many nations have multiple official languages. In Singapore and Malaysia that progressed well in post colonial era, Tamil is one of the official languages. Thus the main reason for conflict remains solved in all these nations. But Srilanka with whatever amendments brought till date had not accorded equal status to Tamils. UNESCO recognized worlds endangered languages and assists the preservation or revival of languages under threat. Tamil is the only living classical language in the world spoken by millions of people, and to preserve this language demanding equal official language status in whole of Srilanka is not an unpardonable crime. We in India too are fighting for such status, and our states with truncated powers under our Constitution have yet to succeed in obtaining this right from Indian Union. This only reason could be enough to declare that any Indian model of devolution of powers will not meet the demands of Eelam Tamils. India has 14 languages and may find it difficult to resolve the issue, but with only 2 languages Srilanka could resolve but never wants to solve the thorny language issue.
      In 1947, following years of communal strife, the United Nations voted to partition Palestine into two states, one Jewish and one Arab; partition was accepted by Zionist leaders but rejected by Arab leaders. We Indian Tamils and Tamils forced by genocide in Srilanka who had to become global citizens living in many countries, want the United Nations Security Council to follow the same precedent and vote for partitioning of Srilanka.
      Please read the rest of the letter here:

    8. Rehmat said on November 19th, 2009 at 4:55pm #

      The western definition of terrorism changes more often than some people change their underwears.

      “Our task is to recruit a barrier and once again put the fear of death into the Arabs of the area,” – Yitzhak Rabin, Israeli defense Minister (later prime minister of the Zionist entity).

      “Israeli interogators routinely ill-treat and torture Arab prisoners. Prisoners are hooded or blind-folded and hung by their wrists for long periods. Most are struck in the gentals or in other way sexually abused. Most are sexually assualted. Others are administered electric shocks,” – Ralph Schoeman, Sunday Times, June 19, 1977.

      “There is no country in the world in which use of official and sustained torture is an established and documented as is in the case of Israel,” – Amnesty International.

    9. Shabnam said on November 19th, 2009 at 6:42pm #

      Stop spreading lies about Iran. What does the following line mean?

      {Iran is US’s most important inside ally with the Quisling Iraq government.}

      The United States and Israel are involved in kidnapping and killing Iranian diplomats in Iraq and elsewhere.

      Iran is treated with such hostility since the revolution, 30 years ago. Iran is trying to build a pipeline to India through Pakistan for more than a decade but due to pressure from the Zionist terrorists and their proxy, US, has not been able to. On the other hand racist Hindus in India have become Zionists’ latest allies and cooperate with them in carrying out terror against other groups in the region.

      The Iranian reactor, due to pressure from the Zionist puppets, Clinton and Obama, has not been completed yet although it should have been completed 10 years ago. On the other hand, due to cooperation of racist Hindu in India with Zionist terrorists India’s illegal nuclear bomb making industry got recognized by the United States due the Hindu’s services to Zionism. Now, this model of cooperation and collaboration with the Zionist has been picked up by some of Tamils in Washington and Canada by sending letter after letter to professional whores in Washington who have done nothing against the latest terror imposed on Palestinians, building another 900 houses for colonist thieves who came from Europe and other countries to Palestine on demolished Palestinian houses. Shame on those who collaborate and cooperate with professional whores and terrorists in washington and elsewhere.

      Russia, another racist state where cooperates with Israel and US to gain more concessions from the west since the US is occupied by the ZIONIST TERRORISTS using Iran Card. Down with Russia. Down with zionists and their puppets.

    10. Sandraa said on November 20th, 2009 at 6:09am #

      Thanks Ron,
      It is heartwrenching to read how Sri Lankan mono-ethnic forces used imprecise air mortars on Tamil population.
      Nothing new in countries like Sri Lanka, Sudan & Myanmar.
      Racism, vulgar triumphalism is still prevalent.

      “Even the editor of the pro-imperialist Armed Forces of the UK magazine contended that it was not the Tigers who fired upon their own people but that is was the Sri Lankan government, which used imprecise air-burst and ground-impact mortars to annihilate anything alive.”

    11. Ananth said on November 20th, 2009 at 11:44am #

      Sri Lanka: Genocide of the Tamil minority

      By Brian Senewiratne

      January 23, 2009 — There is a humanitarian crisis in Sri Lanka, where the Tamil minority in the island’s north and east are facing annihilation at the hands of the Sinhalese-dominated government.

      This article will deal with the current crisis, with the more fundamental problem of the legacy left by colonial British rule (1796-1948) dealt with in later articles. These colonial administrative structures will need to be reversed of there is ever to be peace or prosperity in Sri Lanka.

      I am a Sinhalese, from the majority community, not from the brutalised Tamil minority. I quit Sri Lanka in 1976.

      Who runs that country is of no concern to me, as long as it is run without serious violations of human rights. Sri Lanka was tossed out of the UN Human Rights Council in May last year due to its human rights record, and the drift of a democracy to a fascist politico-military dictatorship, none of which have been publicised internationally.

      Read more at:

    12. Ananth said on November 20th, 2009 at 12:01pm #

      The Tamil people cannot remain in their enclaves grieving when the enemy is global, growing more threatening day by day hour by hour. People; all oppressed people need to reach out to each other and counter the threat,
      build networks that can be bulwarks, barriers against oppressors and warmongers. All peoples need to build collectives of conscience that humanize us and allow us to empathize with each other and strengthen each
      other. We would like to see Tamils at Palestinian rallies and Palestinian people at Tamil rallies and all collectively present at all rallies where the voices of the people are raised against the war mongers and exploiters.
      The oppression of the Tamils by the Sinhalese is no different to the oppression of the Palestinians by the Israeli people. The Tamils have struggled for thirty years and the Palestinian people for fifty the similarities are stark and equally bloody.

      – Social Movement Indaba expresses solidarity with world Tamils (Rassool Snyman SMI provincial Coordinator)

    13. ron ridenour said on November 24th, 2009 at 3:21pm #

      Comrade Ananth,

      You are a most prolific correspondent. Good for you. I am most pleased with this above letter. It seems that you put the finger on a grave error made by not only the Tigers but most of the Tamils generally, apparently also in Tamil Nadu. Most, but not all, have not done what you propose–join hands in common struggles in other nations, as well as offering support to Latin American lands in the ALBA network.

      It seems from my reading and many of the mails I receive from readers of this series is namely, that this failure isolated the Tamils from those peoples and their righteous struggles. This may have influenced the vote for many of those Non-Aligned Movement including ALBA governments to vote for Sri Lanka’s government on the Human Rights Councils. This is not to suggest that I excuse them but simply describe a real possibility.

      Add to that that many groups in the Diaspora actually demonstrated and wrote for US imperialism to intervene, and a small group asked for Zionist support, for Christ’s sakes.

      There is lacking a coherent and solid solidarity politic.

      Thank you for your contribution,

    14. Sivasubramaniam said on December 7th, 2009 at 4:53am #

      If amongst the Buddhist Sinhalese ostrich views of Shabnams pre-dominate and these repeated as holy mantras while the rest of the world is more entlighted and moved forward there will be no united Sri Lanka. Paragraphs of a piece entitled International community’s initiatives to end Sri Lankan genocide – the diaspora’s role are quoted if that would to reduce the number of Shabnams.
      The Rajapakse brothers of Sri Lanka (SL) are the first and most deserving of a Nobel prize for genocide if there was one for it. The Nobel Foundation has apparently overlooked that there are eminent (the most reputed being Delhi) votaries of genocide in the UNHRC who voted to applaud the SL genocide at its May 2009 meeting.
      The six plus decades trauma of the Buddhist/Sinhala genocide caused deep scars in the Tamil psyche. The dense military presence in the Tamil homelands at its crudest was ethnic cleansing causing tragic and painful dispersal of Tamils from their traditional homes. This will forever remain a historical reminder of that trauma. The scotched earth destruction of homes, farms and other life sustaining assets impoverished a once prosperous community. Repeated forced displacements, the savage hallmark of SL’s civil war, was to secure the submission of every Tamil in SL into forsaking the Tamil cause to avoid the misery of spending days, weeks, months and years as destitute, starving and homeless roadside vagrants in SL.
      The savagery of the SL genocide became the most ruthless on the Narayanan trio instigating the January/May massacres of tens of thousands of civilians and the entire Tamil resistance leadership on the ground and the interning of over 300 000 civilians behind barb wire fenced concentration camps. Threat to life aside, SL’s state terror silenced the Tamils throughout SL putting to shame the terror experienced by victims of genocides in Yugoslavia and Sudan. SL excelled in fortifying a total news blackout, regimenting the local media into silence and the locking out the foreign media totally. This explains why the international community (unlike Delhi) was unable to react in a timely manner as it did in Yugoslavia or in Sudan to minimise the severity of the massacres and oppression. To the voiceless Tamils, SL is one big concentration camp within which layers of other camps, Menik sized and mini-camps dot every inch where the Tamils live.
      Repeated displacements also disenfranchised the Tamils without legislation. The Presidential system further deprived the Tamils of any voice in SL governance negating the fair governance provision in the 30 per cent political representation the British provided for (the SL Tamils, the Indian Tamils and Tamil speaking Muslims) under a Westminster parliamentary system in 1947. SL genocide specifically targeted the vocal .9 million SL Tamils (at independence) who based on the SL population growth recorded to 2009 should number at least 3 million against actual of 1.7 million now. The 1.3 million (or 43 per cent) shortfall is attributable to ethnic cleansing; killings accounting for 80 000 (government) but actually .4 million according to a 2004 Harvard study and 1.1 million displaced overseas (statistics on lives lost through disappearances are unavailable). SL’s successful genocide reduced the Tamils in SL to less than 6 per cent, a sharp reduction from 12.7 per cent at independence in 1947.
      The desperate cry for help of a committed diaspora world wide to save the lives and livelihood of the 1.3 million Tamils still in SL resonated strongly amongst the enlightened and humane international community(IC) to cause a definite shift in the Tamil cause debate away from the resistance/ LTTE (almost totally non-existent since the 18 May massacre) to pressures on SL to end its genocide or face proceedings for human right abuses and/or war crimes. .
      The diaspora needs to nurture this positive development. The sudden massacre of the Tamil leadership on the ground initially left the diaspora directionless, however the wider Tamil cause and the grave genocide crimes that SL continued to commit caused the Tamil diaspora to spontaneously rally in strength to upstage the Tamil cause in eyes of the international community effectively lending its voice to the ‘voiceless’ Tamils in SL.
      For this there are serious moves amongst the diaspora organizations in different countries to come together under one umbrella organization (or ‘global forum’) to speak with one voice and ‘gain more traction with international organizations and governments’. Only unstinted support of all Tamils worldwide for this initiative will eradicate genocide in SL once and for all. Besides IC intervention political or other (war crimes specifically) which is a pre-requisite; support of mainstream TN Tamil support is equally indispensable. The diaspora needs to go an extra mile to nourish direct links with political party (ies) and/or organizations in TN supporting the Tamil cause though regret the let down in the final phase of the Eelam war. The nature of coalition politics in India is bound to change sometime, the sooner the better, once the Narayanan factor looses relevance in Delhi and Colombo’s actions contribute to it. Only the strength of TN mainstream Tamilians and Delhi support would guarantee SL’s compliance with safeguards underwritten internationally to prevent SL genocide from recurring in the future. The diaspora that skips Colombo for rendezvous with their kin in Chennai have to strive further to nurture and restore the history blessed strong SL and TN Tamils religious and cultural ties.
      In the interim the united diaspora front needs to encourage all the elements genuinely supporting the Tamil cause into a comparable united front within SL. The Vaddukkottai Resolution that TNA authored still serves as the bedrock of the TNA and the Tamil cause, its relevance being more urgent today after the experience of the brutality of Buddhist/Sinhala genocide mindset. Full support for the TNA would also ensure that suspect imposters (under the moderates’ sheep skin) do not hijack and compromise on the core Tamil cause agenda.