Bush’s Voodoo Stimulus Package: $250 Rebate for Every Taxpayer

In the next couple of weeks, George Bush will prove that the last 30 years of supply side, free market economics was nothing more than a overripe pile of horse manure. In fact, right now, the B-52s are being loaded with pallets-full of freshly-minted hundred dollar bills which will be air-dropped “from sea to shining sea” as soon as King George gives the nod.

Think I’m crazy?

The Bush “Stimulus Package” is the biggest and most obscene hyper-inflationary swindle ever perpetrated on the American people. It’s a $100 billion taxpayer-funded bailout that is being slapped together at breakneck speed to forestall a collapse in consumer spending, an exodus of foreign capital, and a painful slide into recession. And, guess what? Both political parties are on board. It is an act of utter desperation designed to address the catastrophe that was created by the Federal Reserve: the housing meltdown. Greenspan’s subprime boondoggle is now in full-crisis mode and threatening to deliver a knockout punch to the global economy. That’s why the lights are blinking red at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. And, that’s why the whole 435-member army of lacquer-haired political jacklegs who run the Congress is racing around in circles trying to find solutions.

The emergency bailout scheme is spearheaded by Goldman Sachs’ former head honcho, Hank Paulson. Paulson warns that the economy is slumping “rather materially” and needs massive jolt of capital to keep from sinking altogether.

“We are looking at things that could be done quickly,” Paulson opined. “Time is of the essence.”

Paulson sounds more and more like a man on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He’d be better off concealing his fear and coming clean with the American people about the dismal state of the economy.

Summer’s Snake Oil

Former Treasury Secretary Larry Summers has recommended a “timely, targeted and temporary” tax rebate “of $250 per tax-filer, and $500 per couple for families with taxable income of less than $100,000.” (Wall Street Journal) Some variation of Summer’s plan will undoubtedly be implemented in the near future. The “invisible hand” of the market — that Bush praises ad nauseum — will be used to steer the Fed’s helicopters as they scatter the nation’s wealth like confetti across the fruited plains. This multi-billion dollar giveaway should put to rest, once and for all, the silly notion that Voodoo economics is anything more than a charlatan’s parlor trick. Supply side theory is a chimera which leads inevitably to disaster.

At present, the financial system is so clogged with subprime gunk and other mortgage-backed garbage, the banks can’t even provide loans to applicants with good credit. The gears have simply frozen in place. That’s why the Fed and the Dept of the Treasury cooked up this wacky scheme to hand-out tens of billions of dollars via tax rebates to low and middle income families. It’s the only way they can revive the maxed-out US consumer long enough to get him spending again. The Washington brainiacs who conjured up this latest quick-fix don’t see that it will only buy us a few more months of fake prosperity while pushing us further into debt. If Paulson gets his way, the IRS will start cutting checks in a matter of weeks, which will get the cash registers at TJ Max and Target ringing shortly thereafter.

Does anyone in Washington ever worry about the mess that they’re leaving for our kids or do they figure that the Chinese will pay for that, too? The National Debt is already $9 trillion, and yet, the politicians are just dying to write another $100,000 billion check on an overdrawn account. It’s madness.

The Shining City on a Hill Might Be a Poorhouse

30 years of Reaganism has destroyed the country. It’s eviscerated our industrial base, broken the social contract, crushed our unions, savaged our schools and infrastructure, and shifted the nation’s wealth from the middle class to the upper 5%. Now that same multi-headed Hydra is devouring itself. Wages have stagnated, the dollar is nosediving, the banking system is paralyzed, and subprime poison is surging through the global system shuddering banks and businesses around the world. Bush’s anemic stimulus package doesn’t do anything to reverse this trend. It’s like injecting a dying man with a massive dose of methamphetamine. It’ll only rouse him long enough to know that he is slipping the mortal-coil. What good does that do?

Of course, some people will argue that the $250 government checks are a welcome respite and a verification of “compassionate conservatism.” But how does that square with our seven-year experience of GW Bush?

Is this the same “compassionate” Bush who deliberately withheld food, water and medical supplies from Katrina’s disaster victims while they huddled in the stinking, feces-infested Superdome or clung to the roofs of their homes while rescue boats were turned away by FEMA goons?

Yes, it is.

The government largess is not an expression of magnanimity, but despair. The checks are a last ditch effort to rev up the moribund economy and see if the ship of state can be put aright. There’s nothing generous about it. Besides, Bush and colleagues are ideologically opposed to giving working people a break and, if they had a choice, they wouldn’t do it now. But the real estate market is crashing, the stock market is headed into ICU, and the country’s financial giants are stretched out on a marble slab waiting for the cathedral music to begin. Bush knows he has to act fast or face the consequences. That’s why he’s abandoned his alleged commitment to “free market fundamentalism” and ordered the Fed to put the printing presses on Full Throttle. To hell with principle, it’s crunch time!

What Bush is planning is the moral equivalent of exhuming Milton Friedman from his moldy sepulcher and pounding a wooden stake through his heart. But, then again, honor never mattered much to this crowd. It’s all about power and greed.

“Free Cash” or Trillions of Dollars of Debt?

The Bush administration’s unprecedented cash giveaway (aka, the “stimulus package”) will be accompanied by dollar-crushing rate cuts that will send gas and food prices to the moon. As the nation slides deeper and deeper into recession, it may be worth remembering that the present troubles began with Greenspan’s “low interest” monetary policy and a corrupt-deregulated “structured investment” market that allowed chiseling bankers to sell the subprime loans of unemployed restaurant workers — with no collateral, no down payment, and bad credit — into the secondary market as though they were valuable assets. That Ponzi-scam is imploding, and it’s now clear that we’ll all be expected to pay the multi-trillion dollar losses.

Mike Whitney lives in Washington state. He can be reached at: fergiewhitney@msn.com. Read other articles by Mike.

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  1. Morty McNutt said on January 18th, 2008 at 9:57am #

    So what are YOU planning on doing with your rebate check? Burn it? Flush it down the toilet? Rip it up and put video of it on YouTube? And don’t give me some stupid answer like, “I’m going to send a message to Washington, and not spend it put put it in a Roth IRA!!! Yeah, that will tell them!!”.

  2. HR said on January 18th, 2008 at 3:04pm #

    You do indeed get the government they deserve. The people here elected (or nearly elected) monsters like Nixon, Reagan, the Bushes, etc., choosing to shoot themselves in the belly rather than look to their futures. Now, they’re paying the price, along with the rest of us. Along with that, we’re being urged by pseudoprogressives to vote for even worse monsters, like Ron Paul. What does it take to jar people back to reality? Are we truly that damned stupid?

  3. Don Hawkins said on January 18th, 2008 at 4:00pm #

    HR let’s see what would it take to jar people back to reality? Another bad Hurricane season or a large part of West Antarctica to start to melt. China in about two years millions without water or flooding in other parts and then food a bit of a problem. Greenland ice sheet to melt again at record levels and sea level rise to just get faster. I could go on. No probably not as those things are already happening and I still don’t see much reality.

  4. Don Hawkins said on January 18th, 2008 at 4:08pm #

    The Independent UK

    Friday 18 January 2008

    The destruction of the Amazon rainforest has surged in the past four months, raising the prospect of 2008 being a disastrous year for the world’s most important eco-system, a senior Brazilian government scientist has warned.

    Dr Carlos Nobre, a scientist with a government agency that monitors the Amazon said thousands of square miles of rainforest had been destroyed since October, after four years in which deforestation rates had begun to slow.

    “I think the past four months is a big concern for the government and now they are sending people to do more law enforcement,” Dr Nobre, told a seminar in Washington yesterday. “But I can tell you that it [deforestation] is going to be much higher than 2007.”

    The claims from the head of Brazil’s National Institute for Space Research appear to undermine the government’s record on environmental protection and come in the same week as a major report was released detailing the growth of cattle ranching in the Amazon.

    Dr Nobre said 2,300 sq miles of forest had been lost in the past four months. That compares with an estimated 3,700 sq miles in the 12 months that ended on 31 July, which Brazilian officials hailed as the lowest deforestation rate since the 1970s.

    Those figures had already been hotly disputed by conservationists who point to increasing pressure from sugar cane plantations to feed the ethanol boom, illegal cattle ranching for beef exports, soybean production and illegal logging operations. “All those drivers of change are there,” said Dr Nobre. “The three years of reduced deforestation … did not bring by themselves a cure for illegal deforestation.”
    How did Mike just put it. Madness

  5. Don Hawkins said on January 18th, 2008 at 4:58pm #

    Mike just said that what Bush is planing is all about power and greed. It’s more than that. To me it’s the easy way out. Make a couple of calls print some checks and like Mike said the problem is still there just put off in a big way the next generations and the next. Katrina was only one Hurricane and look how well that went. What is coming is not one Hurricane but extreme weather events Worldwide. Now when you hear say the candidates running for President talk about climate change for 30 seconds it is always the same. We can do this without much pain you know change a few light bulbs a couple of solar panels you get the idea. The other side of that is just maybe it will be hard very hard the hardest thing humans have ever done. Heaven forbid you mean we will have use imagination, conserve, hard times, not so much what we want as what we need, work together I could go on. No say it isn’t so how could we ever do that. Well heck how many of you out there have ever been in the desert on a horse with no name? It can be done but easy I don’t think is the way it will play out.

  6. BuffaloBob said on January 18th, 2008 at 7:26pm #

    What should we do with this rebate? I would recommend stocking up on freeze dries food and ammunition.

  7. Mike McNiven said on January 18th, 2008 at 7:31pm #

    “CHANGE” is coming?


  8. Herb Puckett said on January 19th, 2008 at 7:45am #

    What am I going to do with my 250 dollar check, I’m going to buy some ammo. Have you checked ammo prices lately, just like oil they have just about doubled since mission was accomplished in Iraq.

  9. Jeff Staples said on January 19th, 2008 at 12:55pm #

    Hey, take a breath! Have you never heard of Yin and Yang, weather cycles, life cycles, summer, fall, winter, spring, what goes around, comes around? Everything always changes and still remains the same (pretty-much). We are all going to be here next year, a little bruised, but probably mostly OK. Just be thankful that one of our big cities hasn’t been nuked yet, although on second thought, losing Frisco would be really cool.

  10. John Greenwood said on January 19th, 2008 at 6:04pm #

    Maybe we should go back to the way Jimmy Carter ran things.

  11. rosemarie jackowski said on January 20th, 2008 at 2:55pm #

    IF there is a check in the mail from the government, many will use it to pay medical bills. Why doesn’t the government put a cap on credit card interest? That would help, and it would not cost the taxpayers. Many have had to resort to putting food, fuel, medical bills, etc. on credit cards. Then they pay 30% interest. A sick country we have here.

  12. Jeremy Wells said on January 20th, 2008 at 9:40pm #

    Humpty Dumpty (Capitalism) is having another great fall.

    They can’t possibly put Humpty Dumpty back together again that is of any benefit to the people or the planet.

    Their only solution to their maximize profit again is more war, corruption, death, global warming, etc. for the rest of us.

    So the time to end this mess is now! Scramble egg time!

    We Need a New People’s Peace Party
    Independent of Corporate Money!

    As both Democratic and Republican parties are now corporate funded, they both support corporate agendas. Both Obama and Clinton support a continuation of the war in Iraq, both support corporate “for-profit” health care agendas. On many issues essential to corporate profit there has been, for many years, bi-partisan support. We essentially have a corporate political establishment party with two branches. We need to establish a new party independent of corporate money that is free to represent the interests of the people.

    We must go beyond looking for any one “candidate” or individual who can be trusted to become elected and then solve all our problems. Historically, these individuals end up being targets of assassination and corruption. Non-corporate third parties are typically very small, financially impoverished, and often committed to an ideology that is often incomprehensible to most people. We need to hold the people’s elected iofficials to account to a people’s platform and agenda. If they do not fulfill the promises, platforms, and needs of the people, they should be removed from office as soon as possible.

    Now is the time to establish a new political party, a People’s Peace Party

    The People’s Peace Party (PPP) shall be an “umbrella party” that will unite the millions of people now in opposition to the current corporate regime and it’s various foreign and domestic policies. Millions are opposed to the war in Iraq. Millions are of Americans are concerned about global warming, lack of affordable health care, lack of living wage jobs, the destruction of public education, etc. The massive shift in wealth to the benefit of a few is destroying the living standards of the vast majority of people.

    There now exists a “virtual” People’s Peace Party among the tens of millions of people who are opposed to the on-going destruction of this country and it’s peoples. We are atomized and left powerless by the existing political situation. For many years we have joined single issue campaigns and have marched, protested, written letters, supported Pacifica Radio KPFK, listened to “Democracy Now!”, and tried to be as “activist” as personally possible. Despite all these efforts we remain collectively powerless and the needs of the people for peace go unfulfilled.

    “Divide and conquer” has been used throughout history by ruling elites to maintain power and control over exploited populations. The existing corporate regime in the U.S. has constantly tried to destroy any natural alliances between oppressed peoples. Race, language, nationality, and class are constantly used to keep the people atomized and politically powerless. We the people of the United States, forever exploited and increasingly impoverished by these divisive tactics, understand how this has worked in the past. We must now seek a new way to unite our forces and energies to create an ecologically sustainable society that seeks to end the vast social in-equalities that are destroying us all.

    Corporate control of government has meant that corporate agendas to maximize corporate profit have become federal policy. Or more simply put – the corporations are looting the federal government. War will continue as long as war is to make profit for oil companies and the military-industrial complex. Bush has stated that he would not endorse any environmental policy that threatens the profit of polluting business. No serious reconstruction aid for Katrina victims because there is essentially no profit to corporate business in helping poor people. Privatization of all social institutions is relentlessly pursued.

    The principle of maximizing corporate profit now controls every aspect of social, economic and cultural life. This control and looting by the corporations of the government has led to massive federal debt, decline in the dollar, unending financial corruption, until the U.S. is now on the brink of economic collapse.

    The People’s Peace Party (PPP) Founding Principles

    * The PPP affirms the principle that the government of the United States is a government “of, by, and for the people”. In order to remain independent of corporate corruption, the PPP does not accept contributions from corporations or their individual representatives.

    * The PPP seeks to prohibit corporate money (and thus agendas) in election campaigns by seeking government funding of elections at all levels of government, not just the federal level. The PPP seeks to end the “person hood” of corporations which grants them rights of citizenship without the responsibilities expected in society.

    * The PPP seeks to end war. War will never end as long as war is waged for profit. Thus we will end the privatization of the federal government, especially privatization of the military (mercenaries, CIA outsourcing, etc.).

    * The PPP seeks to end the corporate control of mass media. The corporate profit agendas has totally blocked accessible public discussion and dialog on the critical issues we are now facing. Public oversight and democratic local control of the mass media is essential for democracy to function. The vast potential of television to expand the cultural and intellectual life of the people has been subordinated and destroyed by corporate advertising and political agendas. Corporate advertising and control of mass media must be minimized and eliminated where possible.

    * The PPP will create mass media programs of various types to educate the people on the PPP agenda, platforms, candidates to be widely distributed through existing non-profit networks. We would urge everyone in agreement to become active at what ever level is personally possible.

    * The PPP would implement a program to transition to a peace economy. The proposal by Dennis Kucinich to establish a Department of Peace should be implemented. We would withdraw all U.S. troops for the Middle East. The PPP would reduce the military budget by 50%. Shut down the 700 plus foreign military bases. Shut down costly and failed military systems. (planes that don’t fly, “star wars” programs that don’t work, etc.) We would re-instate all tax cuts implemented by the Bush regime for corporations and wealthy individuals. A vigorous audit of corporations and wealthy indivuals would be undertaken to minimize tax fraud.

    * The PPP works towards a humanistic immigration policy that uses the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as it’s guide. Nearly every article of the Declaration is continuously violated by the bi-partisan corporatist regime as it wages a global war of genocide (“collateral damage”) against unprofitable humanity. We would end all immigrant concentration camps, ICE raids that has incarcerated thousands and broken families. We would seek to examine and correct the conditions that have cause this mass migration into the U.S.

    The PPP would end all “free-trade” treaties such as NAFTA, CAFTA that are destroying the economic life of millions of farmers and workers in Mexico. We would end subsidies to corporate agriculture that have dumped cheap corn into Mexico, causing subsistence farmers to leave the land.

    The majority of people of Mexico are living in poverty. The PPP would insist that the Mexican government begin a vigorous program to upgrade the living standards of it’s citizens. Minimum wages, national health care, massively increase funding for schools and teacher salaries, etc. must be undertaken to stem the flow of immigration. Foreign and domestic corporations operating in Mexico, business and wealth in Mexico must be taxed in addition to massive foreign aid from the United States to remedy the massive inequality between the two countries.

    By ending war and militarism, the “peace dividend” that was possible with the collapse of the Soviet Union would finally become a reality. The peace dividend would mean that the vast funds for war and destruction would become available to cope with the many crises humanity now faces.

    The November 2008 election should be considered a starting point to establish the PPP, which would run candidates at federal, state, and local elections.

    Millions of people know WHY we need to end the corporate control of government. We must create the MEANS to make this happen.

  13. Wise Up Journal » Bush’s Voodoo Stimulus Package: $250 Rebate for Every Taxpayer said on January 21st, 2008 at 4:54am #

    […] Dissident Voice 18.01.2008 by Mike WhitneyIn the next couple of weeks, George Bush will prove that the last 30 years of supply side, free market economics was nothing more than a overripe pile of horse manure. In fact, right now, the B-52s are being loaded with pallets-full of freshly-minted hundred dollar bills which will be air-dropped “from sea to shining sea” as soon as King George gives the nod. […]

  14. Dissident Voice : Bush’s “Stimulus” Cash Giveaway: “Gentlemen, Start The Helicopters” said on January 21st, 2008 at 7:01am #

    […] we first reported on the proposed “stimulus package,” the size of the rebates have increased dramatically. The […]

  15. Tony S. said on January 21st, 2008 at 11:36am #

    “”It will only buy us a few more months of fake prosperity while pushing us further into debt”. Isn’t the whole plan to get through to the end of the George W. Presidency while getting the next shock capitalist, probably Mitt Romney with his Blackwater mercenary forces, in as President? Then George W. Bush can safely move to his huge ranch in Uruguay and not worry at all about the United States mess.

  16. jef said on January 24th, 2008 at 11:21am #

    Hello gentlemen, I think we all have missed the boat here!!!!! We are merely looking at the sympton and not the real problem. The federal Reserve and the Bank of England have perpertrated some of the most notd thefts in world history. First the Feds aren’t the gov’t, they are simple international banks that set monetary policy in america and a large part of Europe, which the gov’t then borrow money from to pay them interest and fees which only add to the deficit even more, sort of like the interest only house loan which you will never own because you only pay the interest and never even start paying on your actual principle. So if we continue to pay the interest on our 9 trillion national debt, when will we balance the budget under the federal reserve system? The answer is never, so why did the senate turn over printing and distributing money to the private banks who are going to regulate themselves and say we had better stop taking these profits illegally, or we will send the IRS after them however there is no oversight for them, so The only way out of this trap is to abolish the entire Federal reserve system, and give the gov’t the authority to do what we should be doing which is cutting out the theives and set monetary policy not for profit!!!!!

    Thank you,


  17. Chris Crass said on January 25th, 2008 at 2:20pm #

    Hot damn, $250 worth of whiskey!
    I could be drunk for a week straight!

  18. Matt G said on January 25th, 2008 at 6:17pm #

    What a disappointment the stimulus package of 2008 has turned out to be. Not that I am against tax breaks – no one hates paying taxes more than me, but a tax rebate or tax break program should ALWAYS be proportional to the tax you have paid in to the system. This package phases out for single earners making more than $75k and families making more than $150k. To disallow these groups from participating in the rebate program amounts to a re-distribution of tax dollars they have paid in, sending those tax dollars to the poor. I believe Karl Marx would love this program…it’s called a re-distribution of wealth…it’s called communism.
    Anyone who believes that America is a capitalistic, free-enterprise society is only fooling themselves. The government will prove you wrong every time. We have moments of brilliance when one little guy makes it big…but he will always get whacked by Uncle Sam and lose it eventually, even after he’s dead (the “death tax”). All we need is universal health care and we will be a fully socialized country, heading towards the dark chasm of full-blown communism, just as Europe is doing.
    Beyond the communistic overtones of this stimulus package, no one except the US Comptroller (and gee, what a dork he must be…) realizes that this country will be bankrupt by 2025 and we will need sell Texas to Mexico and sell California to China just to pay off our debts. We cannot afford this stimulus package. We need a recession and we need the American people to feel some economic pain so we stop living beyond our means. Our kids need to learn some hard lessons. They are soft, they are weak. World War II was the last great generation and it’s only gone downhill since then. Time to take our medicine, clean house, and start fresh in a stronger more humble position. This economic arrogance will be paid for in spades by our youth…and good luck getting that generation to actually work to accomplish anything – they want it fast and they want it now. Pain is something they run from. Keep in mind, I say all of this as a 36-year-old who is deeply saddened by the economic state of our country.
    I’m ready to give up my SUV, my weekly airplane rides, my mandated HDTV in 2009 (yet another stupid thing the government has tried to regulate that we cannot afford), my constant and daily waste of everything I touch. Are you? This culture of excess and waste has got to stop before it’s too late.
    George Bush and his conservative candidates have lost my vote once and for all. I may vote Republican again, but the candidate better have some macro-economic experience and demonstrate a better understanding of the power of my checkbook than Bush and his idiot advisors and congressional leaders.

  19. ryan said on January 26th, 2008 at 8:08am #

    sooo we are going to get back money to put back into the economy(oil,gas of course and all made in china materials) to once again lure the american people into a false hope of security. and — the repayment of this money will fall not in the republican era but in the hands of the dems – if the government feels that this is soo essential, why limit the checks to those who made over 70K. some people have worked alot of overtime just to feed their families who are now not working and have no job andhave been declined welfare money — – once again shut out of any benefit. this is selective thinking. if you pay into taxes and money is coming back – not that it should – be fair and give to all

  20. ryan said on January 26th, 2008 at 8:09am #

    sooo we are going to get back money to put back into the economy(oil,gas of course and all made in china materials) to once again lure the american people into a false sense of security. and — the repayment of this money will fall not in the republican era but in the hands of the dems – if the government feels that this is soo essential, why limit the checks to those who made under 70K. some people have worked alot of overtime just to feed their families who are now not working and have no job andhave been declined welfare money — – once again shut out of any benefit. this is selective thinking. if you pay into taxes and money is coming back – not that it should – be fair and give to all

  21. russell joyner said on January 28th, 2008 at 2:46am #

    Well, once again we Americans are belly-acheing. I agree with the previous lister that the WWII era childer were the last true Americans.
    My Father taught me good lessons and i use them daily. Now ..i am not against getting any money ,mind you,my wife and i earn around $60,000 a year together…and are still struggling with this ever more costly place we live. I see people who have posted here who say they earn $75,000 – $100,000…which is a lot to me…maybe not to them if they feel they are getting left out. I myself would gladly be left out if it was cutoff at $50,000 because i know the ones who TRUELY need this money earn way less than we do and have to be having an even harder time getting by. My main concern is the payback of this money. We as Americans have let our government go. We are responsible for most of America’s mess because we sit back and complain but do NOTHING!
    I find it atrocious that government officials make as much as they do and retire with millions of dollars retirement while we struggle to figure out if,when and how we will EVER retire.We have officials in prison right now drawing their money! How in the hell does this happen?
    They vote themselves raises [wish i could do that] and set their retirement packages. NO ONE…in government deserves that much retirement..not even the President…in my opinion. Sure..they do use a service..supposedly…and should be compensated as any employee should. Where have you ever even read that and employee makes more than the employer? W E SHOULD GET OFF OUR RED,WHITE,AND BLUE ASSES AND CHANGE THIS COUNTRY. Close our borders for 5 years and send no money out to foreign countries. Imports? Well…they might be upset and say we will miss them and it may be true,but after 5 years i am sure they will MORE than willing to come back when asked.
    We spent a lot of money on foriegn goods. We should keep our money here and take care of ourselves for a while. Katrina was a sign of just how bad things are..but..we let it go again..didn’t we? Shame on us and me. Why can’t we just ban together…and say “NO MORE!” Refuse to vote for ANYONE until some agrees with us. Ever since i was old enough to vote..i have..and nothing ever changes. We always get more of the same. Damn the rebates…fire the government!

  22. me said on January 28th, 2008 at 3:42am #

    Jef….your the only voice of reason on this board. By reading everyones comments you can tell that noone has a clue how the federal reserve system works, and how it’s totally messed up everyones lives. Past, present, and future.

  23. me said on January 28th, 2008 at 3:50am #

    For anyone that wants to why the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional and illegal here’s a perfect youtube clip.


  24. Howard said on January 31st, 2008 at 10:00am #

    What a joke. $250. What is that going to do. I put $100 in my gas tank and just spent $145 at the food store. And this was one week. Washinton is out of touch. When is the last time Bush put gas in his car and bought food and paid his electric bill.

  25. Dave said on February 4th, 2008 at 2:34pm #

    “Marx would love this program…it’s called a re-distribution of wealth…it’s called communism. Anyone who believes that America is a capitalistic, free-enterprise society is only fooling themselves.” -Matt G.

    Well, Matt, it’s high time you learned something about economies. You see, there can be no such thing as a perfectly capitalist society; anyone who wants to earn lots of money must depend upon many other people to earn them that money by working for them or purchasing their product. No one can own everything. Therefore, the rich man requires the common/poor man (actually, many of them) to be rich. Without people spending money on his company, he cannot be rich, and without workers comprising the company that makes him money, he cannot be rich. So, he must give something back to the workers and the poor. He must pay the workers and make his business affordable. The money must trickle down, in a sense. If it does not, the boss risks suffering through the suffering of the small man, since anyone work elsewhere for more money if the opportunity arises. That is what balances the wealth in a capitalist democracy. The farther the gap between rich and poor people grows, the more unhealthy the economy is because the money hoarded by the rich could be used by the poor to increase standards of living which would then increase comfort, productivity, and overall health to the common man(/woman). It benefits the rich to provide their workers with more money since the indirect benefits greatly outweigh the (relatively) small monetary sacrifice. So, you see, there IS a ceiling to the amount of money one may earn in a society, and that ceiling is much less than the total wealth of that society. Otherwise nearly everyone starves or dies of exposure, and money is useless to those left alive.

    Rich people fund our government, and those poorer than them move the economy by spending money. Rich people have more money than they know what to do with most of the time, so they just sit on it. Some portion will go into their company to eventually make them richer, but in the end they control more potential to create change in the society through spending their money. When they sit on it, nothing happens. We may think of money, then, as potential work done by society, which we may think of as a very large team (all of these are very broad approximations which in no way account for specific instances). The more that money is sat on, the less work that is done, and a lazy society makes a lazy economy. Therefore, we tax the rich more than we tax the poor because we know from simple induction that the poor use their money whereas the rich merely hoard it. The poor activate the society.

    So your narrow-minded rants about a Marxist society go unheeded to the astute observer. Anyone can see we live in a capitalist society; I can get a job as a janitor or an engineer, and one makes more money than the other. There is no “slippery slope” to communism here; there are factors controlling the distribution of money, but the jobs have never been and will never be equal because of the elitist hierarchy and minimal (compared to actual communism) government interference. Think the government is close to controlling all aspects of business? Then ask yourself, can I still “move up” to make more money?

    Then STFU.

  26. Matt G said on February 7th, 2008 at 9:36pm #

    Dave, I understand your points, but they are not deep enough into the issue. The illusion of capitalism surely exists. I can certainly move up and make a lot more money. In fact I already have, but the harder I work, the more (on hour-over-hour basis) my $ gets re-distributed back to the people who get to work 40 hour weeks, spend every night with their kids, and complain until they get another check from Uncle Sam. Being a follower in this country pays off more than being a leader–look at our presidential candidates right now. Who in their right mind would ever want that job??!! There is no way they can ever do anything right…

    I understand we need the “workers” to crank the economy, but the “leaders” are due a tax break as well for all they have put in to the system. To deny this stimulus package and its phase-out levels are a re-distribution of wealth is intentionally misleading others.

  27. Obama said on February 11th, 2009 at 10:11pm #

    So do you think Obama’s stimulus plan is any better? Hahah. It’s wealth distribution. Tax cuts for anyone that makes under $250,000? Yea. How about under $70,000. Close enough huh?